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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Am i healthy?

How do you know if your body is functioning the way it should be? Well, it's subjective. But we probably do have an idea if we're fine when we do feel fine and vice versa.
Whatever I've scribbled here are mostly from articles and books, or from a prior experience. No worries, the information's are reliable, trust me.
I always though that being young ( when i was a teenager) meant i could eat whatever i liked, slept at all the wrong times and exercise? not a chance. Even though we were taught in school about keeping fit and so, it never got through me. Did it got through you?
In my early 20's i started to feel the fading vitality i once had, EARLY 20'S? Yup, i had a horrible diet of chocolates and gassy beverages, not to mention the other junks I've been living on with many sleepless nights. The toll was after me. It's an agony just to get up in the morning, my whole body ached as i moved my limbs. I knew something's wrong, my system was probably jammed and tangled up. My cheeks began sprouting acne. Fatigue was no longer a stranger. I couldn't  think straight and depression took place. I told myself ; you got yourself in this mess,you're going to drag yourself out of it. A war between me and myself.
I realize i wasn't in the pink of health, and to ignore the signs my body was signaling would make me a dope. My health would only deteriorate even further. I don't know how much time left i had in this world, but be it long or short i rather live robustly, lively with joy and mobility. That's when i decided to venture into the world of health. 

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