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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Understanding the human body

Do you know what's happening inside and outside of your body? We are a complex organism and the tasks performed by our organs and body systems are not simple. When we abuse our body with pollutions of all sorts we burden our systems, in the long run the body can no longer cope and eventually it'll collapse.
Do you want to feel guilty over your system's breakdown? NO! So lets take a step towards a healthier us.
We breathe, drink and eat. Everything goes inside.. Yes they enter, absorbed, and they go out again, elimination of the byproducts, through the elimination channels :
1-lungs     (exhale carbon dioxide)
2-kidneys (regulates blood pH and removes toxic waste through urination)
3-liver      (purifies blood, breakdown fat,dissemble toxin and does a lot more for us)
4-stomach(breaks down food)
5-gall bladder(stores and concentrates bile, which is used for the break down of  fats)
6-pancreas (produce digestive enzymes)
 7-small and large intestines( absorbs nutrients, water and electrolytes. Don't forget waste production.)

 A sophisticated procedure takes place in our body, without us realizing it. We eat, it goes into our tummies, food is digested, nutrients needed is absorbed into the bloodstream to be brought through out the rest of the body, the leftovers are eliminated. The process is on going and one tiny obstruction in one part of the body probably will cause a dysfunction in other parts of the body. Imagine a road accident that results in an endless traffic jam. Same thing in your body.
Love your body, treat it well. Don't feed it with fat laden fast food with little nutritional values or should i say, none? 
Remember, a healthy diet is a waste when there's no physical activities. Hold back no bad feelings and always be thankful. Negative thoughts does affect chemical reactions in the body that may cause the occurrence of a physical ailment, life is short, fill it with joy.

*Please excuse mistakes made, do correct me if I'm wrong. Imperfection is what makes us men.


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