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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being healthy makes you wealthy

What comes in your mind when you think of wealth? An extremely large residence surrounded with guard posts? A big,fat luxury car? Endless cash and jeweleries falling from the sky? Oops..don't get me wrong. These luxurious are what makes one rich, but wealth is more than just materials. What use are these worldly items when you're tied to the hospital bed with a chronic disease or faced with a terminal disease?
Heard of this quote before ; "Health is your greatest wealth"? Its true indeed. Unfortunately it's only realized by many once they're struck with an illness.Why wait for a limited mobility or diet prescribed with drugs for an eye opener. Appreciate your body and the organs now and look after them well, they will return the favor and treat you well. insyaAllah.
When you are in the right path of learning, educating and practicing, you will gain followers that have similar interests and together you'll find a way to create a way of generating income with what you believe. Involved in the wellness industry makes you achieve not only wellness but friends and producing goods that gives people a chance to live life to the fullest, Wouldn't that be awesome? At the same time we're actually offering hope to those stuck in a dead end.We find and provide them with a solution.
You can be as rich as you like, but being a healthy millionaire is way fullfilling than a wheelchair bounded billionaire.
This is your body,this is your life. Live it well. Decide wisely.

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Sara Palmer said...

I totally agree. Being healthy is very important in order to get the best of everything including employment and business opportunities. If your health fails, so do your prospects in enrichment.

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