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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Detox starts here

Detoxification- is lengthy, so detox is used. *sigh*, well doesn't matter as long as we get the point. If you're wondering how to clean  up that mess inside your body, you can start with these few simple steps, gradually it becomes easier and less of the hassle. Don't think about it, just jump straight into action.
  1. Drink plenty of purified water. Water flushes out toxin from the body and vital for healthy bodily function. As we all know we need at least 8 glasses daily, drinking water, not carbonated nonsense. An excellent investment in healing processes.
  2. Freshly made fruits and veggie juices offers abundance of antioxidants,enzymes and minerals, binding to free radicals and neutralize them. Once you made the juice just gulp it all down, leaving it exposed will diminish its nutritional values.
  3. Find other means of comforting yourself other than indulging yourself with food.
  4. Treat that constipated gut. Detox is impaired when there's traffic jam down there. Take psyllium husk or flax fiber to keep the flow flowing. You could also include in your diet, whole grains, legumes and the ultimate champion,water.
  5.  Do enemas for a quick elimination of waster products. Note; this is not recommended to be done regularly. Once in a while is okay.
  6. Give support to your liver by eating liver-friendly food- vitamins A,C,B6,niacin, copper,zinc, amino acids.
flax seed
 7.Breathe deeply. Toxins are expelled through the lungs,so holding   your breath,which many of us do without realizing is counterproductive to cleansing.Breathing deeply, slowly is beneficial, even better when you're out in the fresh air, not in the smog air.

8.Rest! Don't neglect this. You need it.Don't defy our body needs, we're no super humans. Without proper rests and of course a good night's sleep,our body isn't capable of healing and our hormones will freak out wrecking our body systems.

9.Keep a positive mental attitude. A joyful heart is a medicine, laughter is the best medicine, This says it all. And you'll look better smiling not frowning.
One last thing, thanks for reading. =).

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