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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dieting For Weight Loss

Obesity is a growing problem. Even popular dieting programs have little success in the long run. How do we cope with this problem? Starving yourself to shed off a few pounds isn't the answer and it's proven that cutting down consumption tends to leave one in a state of deprivation eventually leads to intense craving and binge eating later.
It's believed that green tea possess the ability to boost metabolic rate,therefore speeds up fat burning process and stimulates weight loss, but its painstakingly slow and the results are barely noticeable.
Excess weight is gained due to deposition of fats, toxic build ups. Its recommended for those who desire to lose fat to get involve in a healthy diet program and try fasting. There are various types of fasting that can benefit the body miraculously. Detox diets provide the body with low amount of calories.
Limit your intake of beef, chicken ,burgers and carbohydrate-rich foods such as grains,beans, starchy veggies,bread,rice and potatoes.
Drink a lot of water,the body needs enough water to function normally.Don't forget to take fiber-rich foods, as they provide a sense of fullness, dampening your appetite and they are capable of absorbing fat and flush them out of the body.
When cooking meat, add some ginger to help digestion of the fats and drink a glass of warm lime or lemon juice after meals to assist fat digestion.

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