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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Garlic for Breakfast, anyone?

Who would have thought that chewing a few cloves of garlic a day is beneficial for our health being? I never thought of that. I hated garlic, not anymore. Since i just found out about the garlic wonder, I'll share it with you lot out there, so i don't have to eat all that garlic by myself. Now isn't that just fair?
Read on to find out about the therapeutic properties of the garlic;-
  • Boosts immunity-helps to ward off viral infections and may directly combat many fungal-type infections. 
  • Great for the Heart-by lowering blood cholesterol counts.
  • Treats hypertension/high blood pressure.
  • Protects the lungs-acts as a decongestant and expectorant for common colds, chronic bronchitis and a remedy for pulmonary related problems.
  • Prevent cancer.
  • Anticoagulant.
  • Anti-inflammation.
  • sedative.
  • athelete's foot and more.
Just gulp it down and try these solutions to refreshen your breath;-  take strong coffee, honey, yogurt or a glass of milk.Some recommends chewing parsley. To get rid of the smell on your hands just rub lemon on it, or you can try salt and rinse with warm water. Cold water might works as well.
For best outcome from Mr. garlic, eat it both raw and cooked. It's better to eat the real thing instead of the encapsulated form. Are you ready for garlic now?

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