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Friday, January 28, 2011

Healthy babies starts in utero

What are you feeding your kids with? Are they getting enough of the nutrients and nutrition needed? Whatever the answer may be,we must be aware. Kids dietary habits are not just what you feed them, it's what you're feeding yourself when you have an embryo developing inside of you. Most of us know that the most vital part of our pregnancy is the first trimester, this obviously states that our eating habits at this particular stage greatly affects the growth of our baby. 
So, if you really are seriously serious on keeping your child in the pink of health, don't wait till they're out here, visibly in front of your own eyes. You must start to eat wisely when you conceive( Even before you're pregnant it's important that you eat good food, let's say you hadn't, make your baby the reason to start). 
The organs and body parts of our little babies all starts in the womb, it just makes sense that if we're providing them with enough nutrition they will grow healthily and strong, thus when they're born they won't be susceptible to illnesses and it's much easier to maintain their well-being. 
Everything you consume during pregnant goes to your baby. They share your blood flow, your oxygen, your nutrients and if you take harmful nonsense substances, they'll have a share of that too. So, remind yourself before you satisfy your gut with anything that may bring harm to that little life inside of you, please cease your actions and consider the consequences.
Here's what you can consider for a preggy diet:-
  1. Protein-Foods that offers protein supplies you with group B vitamins(gives energy,red blood cell production,proper function of nervous system) and iron, used in building strong bones,muscles,blood cell,skin and nerves.
  2. Milk, cheese, yogurt, sardines, salmon, tofu, kale, spinach,broccoli- All this provides calcium, which is essential for the formation of bones and skeletal. Having a low on this end and your baby will be vulnerable to osteoporosis later in life.
  3. Supplements-Your body requires more nutrients when you're pregnant for the need of both your baby and yourself. As I mentioned in my previous entry, the YK Bee Pollen, is one of the most superb food supplements I've discovered.Providing the body with a complete set of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes including the must-have folic acid and much of nature's goodness. With the magnificent YK Bee Pollen, you need no other supplements or vitamins. It's just great, I took it regularly not just during pregnancy. but before and after as well.
  4. Fruits & veggies-Provides you with essential vitamins and minerals, but to absorb enough amount for you and your baby,you need to eat excessively large amounts that you may not be capable of eating, that is why I suggest taking additional supplements to meet your needs. But you still need to consume these to get the fiber.
  5. Fish-great source of protein without the additional unnecessary fats,antibiotics and hormones. Take fish regularly or more of its serving.Oily fishes provides DHA and omega 3, essential for brain and eye's development. You can eat chicken or red meat but set limitations or go for free range options, remember, what you eat goes to the baby.
Now your newborn is out in the world. Mixed feelings. Excited. Anxiousness. Question marks... Don't worry. You're not alone, everyone will be and have been there.The first baby is the biggest adventure, the next ones will be a breeze..(I think so, I only have 1 child at the moment). At least you'll get an idea how the runner ups will be,don't you?

Little newborn are easy to feed, if your a mummy-at-home, it'll be mush easier. They only drink milk and the best is of course mummy's milk. It'll be a bit hassle if they drink formulas. I'm so glad my baby doesn't take that. Anyway, mummy's milk is the best choice, it is made for human babies. Do you think formulated solutions will provide your baby's need well? Not! Breast milk is a perfect blend or nutrients, DHA, EPA, antibodies,water with the right temperature and sterilization. MasyaAllah, how great is God's creation. It's everything your baby ever needs. If you can breastfeed your baby, don't let go this opportunity. This greatly effects the baby's growth,development, immune system and strengthens their bond with their mummies.
You can start your giving your child solid foods at the age of six months and above. Please don't feed them solids earlier than this as it may spur allergies. Below 6 months of age, the digestion system is not yet prepared for solids, your baby will only crave for milk or water occasionally. They just might want repeated feedings, and a lot of nappy changing. Have fun! Your baby's tummy is as small as an egg at this point and it's just not hungry for breads or so.So, don't rush it, they'll go phase by phase and the time will come when they can too,enjoy what you're eating.
If you can get a supply of raisins or dates, you can blend these up and mix it with honey.This is a great source of minerals and fiber for your kid and enhances brain development. *(Note: Honey is not recommended for infants below 1 year old)* So you can start off with dates and raisins. For other meal times you can puree potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots or apples. Try a variety of mixtures and make small batches to see which one your baby prefers. Sometimes they get picky but you'll learn their eating habits sooner or later.
When your baby is now ready for solids, you can give them rusks, celery sticks, bread sticks, cucumber or slices of apples. Doesn't matter what you give them, just as long as it's healthy and is not easy to choke on. Please sit with your baby through out their feeding time, no matter how long or how impatient you are, safety comes first. An don't forget to offer gulps of water in between.
Now that you've started off your baby with a good wholesome nutritional diet, it'll be easy to get them eating their greens and fruits when they grow older. What they eat, it's what you taught them to eat. So,teach them good dietary habits and make sure you're eating as well as they are. It's no point if they see you eating unhealthy meals while you're feeding them with healthy ones. Kids don't just listen to what mummy and daddy tells them to do, but they listen and watch what parents do. Preaching needs action. All the best! Thanks for reading..

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