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Monday, January 10, 2011

Chew it well

How you eat affects your consumption and your body.If you eat the right way and the right kind of food you'll get fit and healthy. Your body will not lose too much or too little weight. Weighty issues will be kept at bay.
Don't starve yourself just to shed a few unaccomplished pounds. Not only you suffer but the results may be disappointing. I met many people who tend to skip meals, hoping to lose weight. But most of their weights stayed the same, and worse some even got heavier. Aargh.. all that hunger they had to go through for nothing?
It's not about how less you eat. You could achieve a healthy weight just by having an ethical meal manners.
Lets see how;-
  1. Chew thoroughly and slowly. When you chew your food well, it's well digested lessening the burden in the stomach for further processes and taking time to gulp it down will send a message to your tummy that food is entering. Slowly, one by one. If you do the opposite, shoving tonnes of food in a second, your body wouldn't be prepared and your tummy will accept all that you're eating without warning you that you're eating too much. Because it hasn't got the time to receive the 'I'm full' signal.It'll lead you to over eating. Eat slowly, enjoy every bite, feel the satisfaction and you will smile on the scales. 
  2.  Be active.If you don't have time to exercise, a daily brisk walk will be enough to maintain your physique. When you are moving, your insides are moving and working, burning off fat and calories effectively.No need the diet pills or liposuction.If you choose to be a couch potato, your body will be like a potato, all round and stiff. Just go for daily walks, you don't have be an athlete to stay fit.
More tips on how to lose those kilos:-
  • Discard time wasting bad habits.
  • Reduce junk,processed and fast food consumption.
  • Substitute nuts and dried fruits for snacking.
  • Begin a meal with fruits/ veggie soup/ salad. Not only your body will have the chance absorb and benefit all the nutrients contained, this will limit you from engrossing over the heavy meals.
  • Cut down on the soda.They contain a lot of sugar and calories.
  • Add more fiber in your diet. They're great in eliminating toxin and cholesterol. Examples of fiber-rich products- wholegrain bread, cereal, crackers and oats.
  • Eat small meals for every 2 hours or so.(Chewing slowly and politely)
  • Don't give up too soon.
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