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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Protein Power

It's a known fact that we need protein in our diet. It's an essential factor for tissue healing, cell regeneration, provides energy,and hormone production. Protein is required all over the body, especially in the growth of new tissues and cells. We can obtain our daily requirement of protein from a lot of sources ; red meat, chicken, fishes and soya beans. The best source would be either fish,fresh is better compared to frozen or soya beans. Why? Generally chickens and red meat are polluted with antibiotics,fat and hormones whereas it could do more harm than good to our body's constitution, free range products exceptional.
Today I'd like to share about the marvelous bean, the soya bean. Even though soya is not an animal, it contains high protein, as a matter of fact, it's protein supply is as much as we get from Mr.cow, without the harmful byproducts, hormones and fats.
This is why soya is a perfect substitute to red or white meat if you're thinking of cutting those from the menu.
There is just one flaw with these beans, their skin isn't suitable for consumption as they contain purine which is not recommended for gout sufferers. Whenever in search for a soy product, choose the ones with peeled skin.
It provides the body with energy and speeds up wound healing after surgery. Still not convinced of the protein miraculous benefits? Here's more;

JH protein powder

This is a soy milk powder that's readily absorbed and used by the body.What makes this particular soy powder special is it's low fat, high in fiber,made with high quality peeled soy beans, and is fortified with lecithin, calcium casseinate and isomalto oligosaccharide.

Upon consumption you will gain obvious results, especially on your skin. This magnificent product is full of amino acids,which will combine forming protein and protein makes up our cell, including skin cells, thus with enough of high quality protein, our skin is reborn, silky smooth,flawless and glows healthily.
Besides giving your skin new,healthy cells, JH protein powder is capable of diminishing scars and minimizes absorption of fats and cholesterol, enhances weight loss,and improves constipation.
The trio goodness; lecithin,isomalt oligosaccharide and calcium casseinate;-
  • Cuts down on blood cholesterol level.
  • Decreasing the risk for clogged arteries.
  • Lowers risk for hypertension.
  • Promotes development of fetus's brain.
  • Reduce wrinkles.
  • Improves heart's health.
  • Effective for good bacterial growth in intestines.
  • Promotes peristaltic movements in intestinal tract.
  • accelerates elimination of metabolic wastes and toxic substances.
  • Eliminates existence of bad bacteria in the colon.
  • Prevents and treats osteoporosis.
Who should consume JH protein powder?
Pregnant mothers to provide both mum and child needs and a healthy growth for the baby, teenagers as they need lots of nutrients at this stage in life, children for proper growth, healthy people to maintain new cell's regeneration and the ill to hasten recovery and surgical wounds.

Here are some testimonies, thank you for reading.

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