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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wonder Berries

Have you had your berries today? Who would have thought that berries that tastes so yummy are packed with wholesome goodness.The benefits;- anti aging antioxidants properties, producing youthful and radiant skin, improves blood circulation,improves eye sight, enhance immunity, great for brain development and improves the digestive system. Lets meet the wonder-berries.

Blueberry and Bilberry
These are familiar to many. Blend well with smoothies, pancakes, ice-creams, baked goods and toppings for cereals or oats.
Both blueberry and bilberry(a close cousin of the latter) are rich with anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that gives the berries its blue color.
This particular compound destroys free radicals and is able to alleviate cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease. Scientific studies have shown that consuming these berries can prevent or reversing eye ailments.

 Bright-red and appealing, cranberries are widely used to ward off urinary tract infection. It's anti-bacterial properties prevents bacteria from adhering to urinary tract walls. Containing proanthocyanidis, a potential antioxidant , vitamins C and D, potassium and iron.

Goji Berry

Goji is famous among the Chinese, widely used in dishes and as medicine as it is high in antioxidant and polysaccharides. Its therapeutic and nutritional values are abundant, said to exceed the level of fruits and veggies. Improves eyesight , combats free radicals, prevents premature aging, protects the liver and effectively promotes blood circulation.

Have you ever heard of this one before?Its abundant in Europe and Asia. The carotenoids and flavinoids in this berry is linked in a decreased risk for heart disease, cancer and vision complications. Not only that, its Vitamin C content is 100x higher than any fruits or veggies. Isn't this berry worth a try? Yes for sure. But wait, read on, another great berry to be introduced.

Acai Berry
Okay, this is even new to me. This berry is originally from Brazil.Its an ideal food, packed with antioxidants.
This unique berry reduces risk for cancers, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, Alzheimer's, premature aging and more. This is a truly great berry. MonaVie, a company that produces juices with acai berry. It's worth a try i tell you. Not only that also available are blends of other fruits including acerola and pomegranate.
Click the banner below this page for a great MonaVie introduction. Take another step and enhance your health now.

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