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Monday, February 14, 2011

Breathing Exercises

What do we do everyday? I bet most of us tend to forget about the most vital yet less acknowledged actions we make daily-breathing. If we don't breathe what happens? I think we all know what the answer is.
Did you know that the way we breathe has an impact on our health? It does, and surprisingly most of us breathe wrongly in ignorance. I just found out about this myself,so let's find out about breathing techniques that may not only improve our body constitution but relax our emotions altogether.
Once you learn the technique of breathing in a rightful manner, practice makes perfect.

  1. Observe your breathing. Sit comfortably and shut your eyes.Focus on how you breathe.Ignore the surroundings,yes but don't totally clear out your mind, relax yourself but within your capacity limits. Just be at ease.
  2. Exhale slowly in the count of 10, if you can't try 6,try to increase the length gradually. Why start with exhalation? Well, when you blow out more air, automatically you'll inhale more air, this is the first step to deepen respiration which is the correct way of breathing.
  3. Inhale deeply & slowly. Take in air slowly, feel it fill inside your abdominal cavity, let it be brought deep within you physically and mentally. Imagination plays a crucial role here.
That's it? Well not really, this is just the basic technique, that is deep breathing, just try it consistently and repeatedly. It may sound simple,but it takes lots of courage and endurance in the earlier stage. For best results, do breathing exercises in the morning, where fresh air is abundance. Obviously polluted air won't do us any good. Doing this in a regular basis will help you achieve a better quality of health. Apart from that here are some activities that benefits your lung's health;-
If you're serious in gaining optimized breathing, consider not only what to do to improve your lung capacity, but it's important to avoid or ditch whatever that's impairing your breathing. Here are some of the factors that may disorientate our breathing and lung capacity;-
  • emotions-anger, depression,anxiety,etc..
  • polluted air.
  • and the all-time champion, smoking..

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