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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fitness Made Easy

Always in a rush? No time for a work out? Don't fret..Exercising doesn't have to be time-consuming.Here are some simple quickie trainings you could squeeze into that hectic schedule of yours.

5 easy steps to improve your fitness.

*Note; Regular strength training prevents injuries,protects joints and improve posture. Do these trainings for 3-5 days consistently in a week for desired results, all the best! =)

calf raise
Step 1; calf raise. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, arms on the side(with dumb bells or two water bottles,filled with water). Exhale slowly as you raise your heels off the ground, you'll be tip-toeing now, be in this position for 10 seconds, inhale slowly as you put your heels back on the ground. Repeat for 10 times or more.

Step 2; Abdominal crunch. Lying on your back, bend your legs on flat feet, hands behind your head or ears. Slowly lift your shoulders and upper-back ONLY, without pulling your head or neck as this may strain your neck muscles.Stay in this position for 10seconds. Inhale as you slowly place your back and head back on the ground. Repeat for 10 rounds or more.
Abdominal crunch
Step 3;Triceps kickback. Knell on all fours. Hold a dumb bell in either arm(one arm only), and bend slowly at the elbow leaving your upper arm aligned with your body. Exhale slowly as you straighten your lower arm behind you and inhale slowly as you bring it back down. Do in counts of ten and repeat the actions for 10 rounds or more before going on to the next step. You can do this on the floor or on a workout bench.
Tricep kickback

4.Leg press. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart with dumb bells in both hands, slowly inhale as you go into a squatted position, stay in this position for 10 seconds with a straight back. Do not bend your knees past a 90 degree angle and don't lock your knees. Slowly exhale as you stand back up straight. As usual do for 10 rounds or more.

Leg press
5.Lateral raise.
Standing with feet shoulder-width apart again, don't forget the dumb bells. Keeping your elbows slightly bent. Slowly exhale as you raise your arms and slowly inhale as you lower them back down.
Lateral raise
Okay done, those are the 5 easy steps. Think you can do it? Give it a try & see the results. Thank you for reading.

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