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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ginger facts - What are zingerone , shogaols & gingerols?

2000 years ago, ginger was used as a prescription in oriental medicine. A close relative of turmeric & cardamom, ginger root prevents motion sickness effectively.Widely used in cooking, biscuits, made into beers and teas, ginger benefits the body in various ways.
Zingerone, shagoals and gingerols are the chemical properties contained in the ginger, or some may call it ginger root. These compounds are the cause of it's pungent and spicy aroma and taste.Not only that they are what makes ginger a worthy consumption.

Eating fresh ginger, dare you? This is said to be a good remedy for subsiding coughing, vomiting, abdominal distension and fever.
Steamed and dried ginger is good for relieving abdominal pain,lumbago and diarrhea.Sometimes bloated stomach is treated with ginger beer, it eliminates gases effectively. However, a cup of ginger tea may be a better option, as ginger beer is available in carbonated versions,thus it contains unhealthy levels of sugar.
Powdered ginger is also available. You could mix a teaspoon of it into a glass of water of encapsulate it for convenience.
What properties does the great ginger possesses? :-
  • Since it is anti-nausea,it helps to relieve morning-sickness symptoms of vomiting.
  • Anticoagulant. Its capability to inhibit blood cells synthesis and prevents clotting is even greater that of garlic and onions.
  • Consistently adding ginger into your daily menu may be beneficial in a healthy blood cholesterol count.
  • Prevents formation of cancer.
  • Relieves flatulence.
  • Cooked with red meat to reduce the harmful effects of saturated fats.
  • Anti inflammatory. Relieves inflammation-related pain, helps in the case of rheumatism.
That's all for now, ginger biscuits, anyone?


nur ikhyar dee said...

ginger is good!

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Mike Dillard said...

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Mak anak tiga said...

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Anonymous said...

Agree! I usually keep a small slice of fresh ginger under my tongue whenever I have a sore throat and it really works for me.
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NINA said...

Please note - As mentioned in the link, ginger( zanzabir in the Arabic language) is one of the Prophetic medicimes...+ it is mentioned in the Qoran.

NINA said...

Pls note that ginger ( zanzabir in the arabic language) is from the Prophetic medicine. Also it's mentioned in the Quran.

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