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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Immune System Booster

Have you ever thought of your immune system? What is it? what it does? How can we strengthen it? How does our behavior, consumption & activities alters the immune system?
The immune system is our body's defense line, protecting and warding off toxins, threatening organisms, and maintaining the homeostatic equilibrium state in our body.
The immune system starts from the skin, which protects us from external pollutions and invaders. Not many of us realize that the skin plays an important role in warding off viral enemies in the first line of defense. Thus, preserving your skin's well-being is the first step to provide your body with a well-guarded barrier.
Once the skin is breached, here are what the invaders are about to face next:-
  • Phagocytes
  • T Cells
  • B Cells
  • Natural killer cells (NKC)
The lymphatic system is part of the immune system, providing defense against disease causing organisms. Lymph is a watery fluid circulating all over the body ,leaking into blood vessels and accumulates in spaces between cells. Its fluids drains into a network of lymph capillaries and into is filtered by lymph nodes. These nodes contains white blood cells, neutralizing and destroy microorganism before they can escape into the bloodstream.
Lymph is circulated by the action of body muscles, this is where physical activity becomes significant. These lymph nodes are located around the body and sends a signal whenever invasion is taking place. Let's say you feel a sore tenderness on the side of your neck and your throat feels unwell, this shows that your body is fighting whatever organism that's trying to break through the layers of defense, it's better to let your body fight it. Medications will impair body's self-defense, however the choice is yours. Drink some hot lemonade mixed with honey and get some rest. InsyaAllah things will be fine.

I used to think that a strong immune system is the perfect defense. But,wait, I was wrong. A strong immune system is good but let it not be too strong for it will cause a haphazard in your body. An overactive immune system attacks its host cells confusing it for harmful pathogens and enemies, causing inflammatory diseases and damages cells aw well as tissues. The precaution steps that shoul be applied is to balance the functions of our immune system, so it won't be too weak and vulnerable nor will it be too high and abusive.

Here is where the marvellous lingzhi comes in. You can check it out in my past entry, the great mushroom discovery. What are the exceptional power that is contained within this miraculous herb that is beneficial for our immune system? Apart from providing protection for our liver and enhances regeneration of new liver cells, the  YK Lingzhi in particular offers tremendous immune modulation properties:-
  •  Promoting the production of antibodies, subdue pathogenic growth and effectively retard infectious activities.
  • Enhances production of immuno cells, increasing B & T cells, preserving normal functions of immuno cells to effectively ward off foreign aggressions.
  • Regulates T cell functions.
  • Promoting vitality of NKC.
  • Promotes vitality of phagocytes.
Featured product, YK Lingzhi, a ganoderma like no other.

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