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Monday, February 7, 2011

Losing Weight after Pregnancy

With the joy of giving birth to a cute little baby, some women leaps into dilemma as their bodies are not as fit as they were before pregnant. It not a big deal, for nine months you've gained extra kilos,which is essential weight gain for preggy mummies, once your baby is out your body itself will start the necessary processes, bringing your body back to a normal state. But it needs some time. No worries.
Losing weight after giving birth is easy. The flab we gained during pregnancy is usually water,not fat deposits, hence it's easier to get rid of. However, in some cases that flab gets stubborn and decides to linger around a bit longer.
It's normal for weight to spike up with pregnancy, and as easy it comes it's usually easy to shed off, here are some easy, possibly effective ways to get back that flat tummy.

Take it Easy
Don't rush things, take it easy and let your body heal gradually. Miracles don't happen overnight. Don't worry about your weight, it's now time for you to live the role of a mummy and to enjoy the presence of your newborn baby, look after your baby and acknowledge your baby's needs.


Breastfeeding is one of the effective ways to get a slimmer waistline.To breastfeed your baby provides a satisfaction to both mum and child, emotionally and physically bonding. The action of breastfeeding actually accelerates the healing processes in the womb, thus hastens the appearance of  a slimmer tummy. So, give your baby the best nutritious consumption ever and get that flat tummy back.

Start Walking As Soon As Possible
Walking is a safe exercise. Try to take your baby and walk around in your home. You don’t have to do any other exercise during the first three months.There is no need for excessive exercises prior to child birth as this may cause harm to your body's well being. Your body is still in a stage of healing and it's still weak, let it rest and take walks just to keep your body active. After 3-6 months you may start on a more serious exercising regime,take it slowly.

Eat Healthy
Don’t hasten to cut calories.Your baby and your body needs the nutrients. You are breastfeeding, attending to the new baby, waking up in the middle of the night, you'll be using a lot of energy and dealing with a lot of stress. It's essential that you eat healthy, nutritious meals and not starve your body.Take more proteins and supplements if possible to catalyze healing processes and let your body be well nourished.

Why is it important to take more protein?
Protein is one of the most vital nutrient needed for bodily processes. Protein is essential in regenerating healthy,normal body tissues and cellular activities. Lack of protein may lead to dysfunctional organs and the rise of ailments. Enough protein is needed for baby's normal growth and development, mentally and physically
Protein is what makes up our muscles, intestinal walls, liver, skin. It's needed all over the body. It's the base of our body's construction, without it, our well being is impaired. So, take more protein for a better health,not only for you but for your little baby as well. Till then, take care and have a nice day, Thank you for reading.

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Sara Palmer said...

I am really impressed with the suggestions and tips here. I am certain many women will benefit from the information here. I noticed there are a lot of women who had a hard time losing weight after pregnancy.

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