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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nutty Nuts

Nuts are great substitution for junk snacking. If you don't fancy nuts, here are the reasons why you should maybe start considering them in your menu.
Studies have proven that nuts consumption offers tremendous health benefits.
What kind of nuts are we talking here? All kinds, including cashews, almond, macadamia,walnuts,pecan,brazil nuts and even the common peanuts.
Men who ate nuts at least twice a week had a 47% lower risk of cardiac death and a 30% lower risk of dying from coronary-artery diseases than those who didn't eat nuts.
Women who ate 140gm of nuts in the week were 35% less likely to suffer heart attacks than women who ate less than 28gm per month.
Eating a handful of pecans daily lowers cholesterol by 11.3%.
Peanut butter could be a part of your diet! yipee! As it provides the same benefits as the nut itself.
Walnuts contains melatonin, which destroys free radicals, which are by-product of cellular metabolism.
Brazil nuts contains selenium, an antioxidant that helps ward off free radicals. 
Eating 5 servings of nuts weekly cuts the risk for heart ailments by 50%.
Nuts have been linked to reduced risk of diabetics.
Vitamin E exists in pecan and walnuts retards cancer growth.
Nuts assist in weight lost programs.
Eat more almonds to lower LDL cholesterol levels and increasing the HDL cholesterol with fiber for optimized fat absorption.

**note; macadamia,brazil nuts and pecans are high in calorie, eat moderately*

In a nutshell;-
  • KEEPING TRIM- Cashews,macadamia,brazil nuts,almonds,pecans and walnuts.
  • COUNTERING CANCER-walnuts,pecans and brazil nuts.
  • DEFENDING AGAINST DIABETES- peanuts and walnuts.
  • HEART FRIENDLY-peanuts and walnuts.
  • LOWERS CHOLESTEROL LEVEL- pecans and almonds.
(From RD Health) Thank you for reading.

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