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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby's health; From itchy rash to healthy pinkish skin.

Rashes and skin inflammations are common among newborns. But this is no reason for parents to ignore any skin conditions that affects their little baby. Sometimes it could lead to serious complications.Some of the rashes are harmless and fades gradually but some are not.So,once you notice the appearance of any sorts of rash on your child, take action to treat it, if it gets better then it's fine, if it doesn't or if it worsen, help is probably needed. There are some perspective don't recommend too much of western medical attention to minor baby illnesses as the effect of drugs may blunt their developing immune system and could cause a weak body constituent later in life.

Here's a story about Mrs. Alia.She is very pregnant with her due date just around the corner. This would be her first child, she is very excited yet anxious at the same time. During her pregnancy she took supplements and additional vitamins but her diet had no improvisation compared to when she had not yet conceived, meaning still indulging in fast foods in the weekend and gassy beverages were not forbidden. But her diet wholly wasn't full of crap, just a normal unscheduled meal times & no health conscious measures.
So, weeks passed by, the time has come. The baby is coming, and so it did. It turned out to be a She. A cute baby girl, Alhamdulillah, everyone was very happy and excited with the little baby's presence, Alia & her hubby was most overjoyed.
Few days after her birthing experience, things were going well for both mum & child. A few weeks later red patches and peeled skin was visible on the newborn's cheek and elbows. Reddish looking and fiery, it got Alia worried. Like any decent parent, Alia & her hubby took their child to a family clinic to check if everything was okay with their baby.
The baby was fine, the doctor said, she just had a little bit of infection. He prescribed some ointment and told Alia to wash her baby clean & don't let her get too sweaty.(Sweat and heat usually worsen a rash condition).
They took their baby home and started to follow the doctor's advice but to no avail.The rash was getting worse and it look so red,it was it was rebelling against the ointment that was applied.
Alia was at lost(imagine how you would feel with your first baby). She called a dear friend who later offered some suggestions. What was her suggestions? She brought Alia a body gel & a body lotion that she herself has been using for the past years. Namely Vcare Body Gel & Vcare Body Lotion.
So this friend came over with these two items. Alia wasn't convinced at first but feeling desperate she took the body gel & the lotion and without fail she bathed her baby with the body gel and applied the Vcare lotion twice in a day.
After a few weeks Alia was surprised, her baby's skin was getting better. The rash was fading, it's redness has tone down. If this continues it'll be gone by next week she thought. She was hopeful and she was right. Weeks later her baby's skin was smooth and rash free. Alia was relieved. So till now she still continuously uses the Vcare body gel for her baby's bathing and applies a layer of Vcare body lotion afterward. Now Alia is a happy mama with a happy baby.

                    Vcare body gel           +    Vcare hand & body lotion   =  Happy baby with healthy skin.

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