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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vitamin B13(orotic acid)

I have little info on this particular vitamin. So,what does that means? A really brief entry for once.Vitamin B13 plays a few roles and found in only whey portion of milk,particularly soured milk(who eats this?) and in roots,example carrots and beets.
Whey is actually very beneficial to the body,it is the watery portion that is separated after cheese or yogurt is made. I doubt if it is sold in the market.It is said to assist in weight loss and provides stamina. Never seen it before,have you?
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Vitamin B13 metabolizes vitamin B12 and folic acid.
It is sometimes used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, liver conditions and even related to anti aging benefits. Not much is found on this vitamin, more research is required.
That all on Vitamin B13.
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