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Friday, April 29, 2011

Oral Hygiene:Natural Breath Fresheners

Good morning to all. Have you brushed your teeth this morning? Well, I am not going to write about brushing your teeth, as we all know brushing is essential to keep the teeth clean and eliminate the food residues stuck in between our teeth.
Bad mouth odor is the cause of endless breeds of bacteria, improper oral cleansing and trapped food particles inside the mouth, however sometimes it is the result of a disease, for example sinusitis, blood, lungs and gastrointestinal problems.
But brushing has it's limits, and there are deep loop holes where the brush cannot reach, this is why mouthwash are available, as these mouthwash are in liquid form, they can seep into hidden areas where we can or cannot see. And when they do make their way into these hidden places, they bring out the bacteria and whatever that's been sitting in our mouth and deterioration our oral hygiene.
I don't fancy those liquid mouthwash in the stores,they taste quirky and they come with all sorts of harmful substances, especially the ones containing alcohol, they make things worse.So here's what I suggest as an alternative- All natural and free of chemicals. Care to give it a try?

- Containing bromelain, a digestive enzyme that naturally cleanses the mouth.

-Reduces the appearance of olaque.
-Prevents gingivitis.

-Eliminates bacteria.
-Prevents plaque from sticking to the  teeth.

4.Raw Vegetables
-Chew them to increase saliva production, which helps to wash out food particles.
-Neutralize acidic conditions in the mouth.
-Choose carrots or celery.

-Chew the leaves (or drink a cup of mint tea) to get your breath freshen up in seconds.

6.Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) and Water(H2O)
-A mixture 50-50 of H2O2 and H2O is said to give the mouth a thorough cleanse, but not too often. It kills bacteria, but too much could be corrosive.

7.Baking soda
-It has been used for ages to eliminate bacteria and get rid of bad mouth odor, mix a bit with water for gurgling.  Think this is funny, laugh away, it is effective.

-Aah, isn't this a relief, good for snacking while keeping our mouth clean.
-Calms down inflammation (almond oil).
-Eliminate the existence of bacteria.

That's all! Thanks for reading =)

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