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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smoking = Suicide?

I have nothing against smokers(or do I) but as for myself, I rather not smoke(I am a lady,and ladies don't smoke, I mean shouldn't smoke..or they'll surely look ridiculously horrible more than their other half when they do offense..). What are the reasons smokers smoke anyway? Sometimes I just don't get it. Some say it reduces stress, some says it's calming..some say they're simply addicted. Which of the three sounds better?
For me smoking is a waste and a massive wastage(does this word even exist?) it is for the health.
Smoking is the worst abuse one could do to their bodies, but these days the incidence of smoking is higher than before and it starts younger. Kids watching adults smoke and think it's cool , they think they'll look older, they think they'll look like Superman, probably, and the next thing they try it out, introducing the activity among friends and along comes addiction.
It's really hard to preach the youth to quit or event to not smoke when they see with their own bare eyes that these older, supposedly wiser generation are smoking. I have no idea how to set up a campaign for 'no smoking'..
..however I really do hope those smokers out there realize it for themselves the danger they are attracting towards their own health and those around them. And if you smokers smoke in public, the least you could do is go smoke where no humans are visible, especially pregnant women and kids.
What I continuously hear from people around me is smokers won't quit until they themselves call it quits. No persuasion, advice or slow talks will do them good. What we can do is hope and pray that they will come to their senses and cease this disastrous habit.
Anyone who've succeed in quitting smoking, please do share your tips for others who are willing to give it up smoking who've tried but to no avail.
Whatever it is, I just want to share the harmful effects of smoking and the it's smog:
  • Gives you BAD breath
  • Yellow teeth
  • Breathing problems, chest spasms
  • Impaired digestion
  • Corrodes stomach linings, increasing risk for ulcers
  • Increase the risk for cancers, especially mouth and lung cancer
  • Greatly deprived of Vitamin C and essential nutrients
  • Disturbs heart rhythm and increase blood pressure
  • Increase viscosity(thickens) of the blood , slowing blood flow and limiting optimization of oxygen distribution to tiny capillaries eventually leads to the need for amputation in the case of total blockage of blood flow
  • Causes emphysema, damages alveoli cells (tiny cells responsible for gaseous exchange in the lungs), impairs breathing and little chance for recovery
  • Hardens blood vessels, burdening the heart
That's all, thank you for reading =)


Unknown said...

I agree that ladies shouldn't smoke

Mak anak tiga said...

@pirate exactly..

syairahmohdanuar said...

dont smoke!!!hate it x)

Mak anak tiga said...

@Syahirahmohdanuar bau asapnya pun jangan..

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