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<b>الحمد لله</b>

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tib An Nabawi (part 4); Fasting

For us Muslim, we do fast in the whole month of ramadhan, not 24/7. Starts after dawn until dusk, then we are entitled for a break. There are also other types of fasting, such as water-fast, fruit-fast and juice-fast. But the most beneficial fasting is the one which is the one where you hold yourself from ant drinks and food between dawn and dusk.
When fasting  it is more than just holding yourself from food, you are holding back on anger, desire, lust and envy. For if you are merely just starving yourself and lose your temper, your hunger is a waste. Nothing is gained. So, it is a very lovely for the terms of fasting, to hold back all bad feelings and eating. It's a cleanse for the body and the soul.
Scientifically proven that fasting is the best way of healing the body.
Fasting gives our body the rest we need from digestion processes and heals us, let's look deeper into the benefits of fasting;-
  • Shields oneself from illnesses of the heart, body and soul.
  • Preserve health and get rid of harmful substances, offers detoxification, removes accumulated toxin.
  • Relieves muscles and regenerate strength, you do feel energized after fasting.
  • Improves breathing and beneficial for skin's health.
  • Cleanses the colon. 
  • Enhance mental alertness.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol level.
  • Ease a bloated stomach.
  • Lets the whole body rest for healing processes.
  • Brings joy and ease an erratic nature.
  • A way for us to learn how to be patient.
  • Best resort for those with congested bodily moistures.
  • A remedy for spiritual illnesses and physical ones.
  • Limitless reward from Allah SAW9.
Even fasting may seem like a hard method to endure, it is one of the best detox-program, body-healing and soul calming program that effectively works on the body, fast a day or two every week and your health will, insyAllah improve miraculously. Fasting does wonder to the body and with it comes lessons to be learned, so fast and be healthy.

Thank you for reading, come back for part 5 of Tib An Nabawi, the Last part of this tournament.
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9.HS Bukhari; Allah said, through The Prophet SAW; "Every good deed will
be rewarded a 700 times fold, except for fasting, which is endured for my sake, 
and which I will reward for as much as I like"


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