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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tib An Nabawi (part 5) ; The salat, The Quran and Patience

The salat
In the religion of Islam, salat is a compulsory task, done 5 times daily. Salat is a sign of obeying Allah's order, the commitment to obey the one, and only Allah SWT and His Messenger and it benefits the health physically10 as well as emotionally.
Here are a list of the benefits one could gain by praying:
  • Cures various type of illnesses.
  • Pleasing Allah SWT and chase off satan.
  • Dissipates laziness and brings joy to the heart.
  • Preserves health and discards harmful materials.
  • Nourishes the soul.
  • Energizes physique and loosen the chest as well as joints.
  • Eradicates illnesses.
  • Adds a glow to the face and improves eyesight.
  • Shields anger.
  • Brings about blessings.
  • Strengthen patience.
  • Calms the mind and soul.
  • Balances the hormone system and blood pressure.
  • Reduces blood cholesterol level.
  • Enhance heart's function and capability.

    The Quran
    The Quran serves as a guide11 and reminder from Allah SWT to us humans, His servants on His orders, the akhirat, a cure for ailments12, as ruqyah(remedy,treatment) and for a peace of mind13.
    The benefits of The Quran shall be gained when it is read, with comprehension and our actions that follow. Just by reading, we do feel a sense of serenity and settlement. When we understand the stories told in the Quran and the lessons that are there to preach us and guide us rightfully it provides a satisfaction, confidence, good manners, patience, love, forgiveness and strengthens our faith. To truly, loyally follow the orders in of Allah SWT, we will tend to be humble. We will not be bounded to materialistic items. Even if we made a fortune, we wouldn't be spending lavishly, wasting absurdly without thinking of the less fortunate neighbors or relatives. It teaches us to be, what a humane human being, should be.
    When we read the Quran with sincerity, illnesses are cured, sickness will be wiped out, the heart will regain calmness and stability. All calamities are, calamities. Yes, we go through tragedy and sorrow in our lives, but so do many other people out there, some had had gone through far more worse conditions that us, have you ever thought about that? Learn to say الحمد لله
    Be thankful for the air you breathe, for your mobility, for your eye sight, for the food you can eat, for the water you can drink, it's simple, don't make life complicated, it's never is, only when we make it so.
    If you feel distressed or empty, go and recite a surah, you will, InsyaAllah feel much better.

    I did wrote an article on patience, click here to read patience and it's benefits...>
    Anyway, I will still write about it here, as it is part of the Tib An Nabawi content.
    With patience, neither hardship will ever be too hard nor sorrow will be mournful.
    No matter what happens in life, with patience and belief, we will be able to live on with life with no regrets, no grudges, and no bad feelings. What we should do is be patient ourselves and try to encourage14 others too.
    As a Muslim, patience is a part of us. Patience can be divide into 3 parts:-
    1. Patience in obeying the orders/commands given to us.
    2. Patience in retaining ourselves from what is forbidden.
    3. Patience in times of fitnah, and appointed destiny/decisions made by Allah SWT. (facing challenges)  
    When we find ourselves down in the dumps of at a great loss, what we need to do is seek help from the one who has all the power more than this whole universe will ever have to help us, Allah SWT, The Most-Powerful and Most-Merciful. So, ask for help15 and surely for a believer, InsyaAllah you will never be let down.
    By being impatience, your body will be prone to infections, easily irritated, you'll lose your self to anger, your capacity is limited and illnesses easily consumes you. So, I advice you to take a safer step, choose patience first when dealing in a rough situation, for it will help you to stay sensible and think wisely.

    Okay, this is the end of Tib An Nabawi, thank you for reading, your presence here is most appreciated.
    If you haven't read part 1, please click here...>

    10.HS Muslim; The Prophet SAW said; "verily, there is a cure in salat".
    11.Quran, Baqarah (2 : 2) "This is the Book(the Quran) whereof there is no doubt, a 
    guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun(the pious)"
    12.Quran, Al-Isra (17: 82) "and we sent down, the Quran, which is a healing
    and mercy for those who believe and increases the zaalimun nothing but loss"
    13.Quran (13 :38) "For the one who beleives, and whose hearts find rest in remembrance
    of Allah, verily, in the rembrance of Allah does the heart finds rest"
    14.Quran (104 : 2-3) "Verily, man is in loss, except those who believe and do good deeds
    and encourage one another towards truth and encourage one another towards patience"
    15.Quran (2 : 153) "O, you who believe! Seek assistance through patience and prayer, surely, 
    Allah is with the patience"


    Learn Quran said...

    Really very true about Salat this will prevent us from bad thing but also its a complete exercise see the non Muslims they are now finding ways and proofs why Muslim do this that five times a day, so if they start following it why Muslims are forgetting their rules.

    Learn Quran said...

    Verily prayer prevents evil and forbearance. Prayer is the pillar of religion. Prayer is a cool breeze of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW eyes.For Namaz the recite of Quran Pak is necessary. You should Learn Quran here.

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