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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tib An Nabawi (part3.2) : Foods that Heals(continued)

Okay. Now let's move on with the foods that heals (continued) For first time readers, check out part 1 here..>
Thank you. Now moving on to the next food in line.

As we all know, vinegar is made from fermentation and is acidic, but this is one good acid. The Prophet SAW once ate it with bread7.
Let's look at the benefits of vinegar;
  • Soothes the body and softens nature.
  • Helps against gastric inflammation and neutralize toxic from drugs.
  • Decomposes coagulated milk and blood.
  • Enhance the functions of spleen, and coats stomach for protection.
  • Quenches thirst.
  • Prevents tumor from occuring.
  • Eliminates phlegm and assist digestion.
  • Use as mouth wash to relieve toothaches and strengthen gums.
  • Helps in the case of septic finger, relieves pustules, hot tumor and fire burns.
  • Appetite stimulant and stomach softener.
  • Soften thickness and consistency of foods.
Olive oil(Zait)
  • Strengthen the gums.
  • Helps against poison.
  • Acts as a laxative and eliminate worms.
  • Softens the skin and delay aging.
  • High in essential fatty oils and Vitamin E.
  • Helps to treat blisters and burnt skin.
  • Can be used as hair oil and lip moisturizer.
  • Eat it raw to reduce cholesterol in blood.
  • Good for heart's health.
Fat/Grease(duhn, sha'hm)
Don't hate fat just because it makes you fat. Take it in moderation and it makes you look good.Fat does not necessarily means the solid, yellow, oily stuff. It could also be pointing at veggie oils (sesame oil, essence of violets, etc..) and stuff like that. SO, think positive.Benefit of fats;-
  • Closes pores, humidify and polishes the body.
  • Helps against measles and hair ailments.
  • Helps against headaches and induce sleep.
  • Beneficial for dry rashes.
  • Regain joints flexibility.
  • Enhances brain health.
  • Moisturizes the skin, helps cracks and excessive dryness.
  • Helps against throat roughness.
**Note; To neutralize the harmful effect of grease(from animals), cook it with salt, lemon and 

These dried grapes are just the perfect snacking. You can even eat it with cereals, oats or bake cookies with them. And don't kids just love it? Well, I love eating them too. Choose for seedless and bigger raisins, they are slightly the better option. Raisins and sultanas, what's the difference? does it matter? It's only color.
Here are the reasons why you should be including raisins in your daily diet:-

  • Relieves coughing, suitable for windpipe and relieves bowel movements.(Soak a handful in a glass of water, leave overnight. Drink in the morning, water,raisins and all).
  • Adds strength to the stomach and soothes intestinal cavity.
  • More nutritious than grapes or even dried figs.
  • Boost brain cell development and activity.
  • Strengthens spleen and liver.
  • Beneficial for the throat, chest, liver, lungs, prostate and phlegm.
Okay break again. Time for bed.Thanks for reading.To be continued...
    7. Reported by At-Tirmidzhi; Rasulullah SAW once visited a cousin and ask whether if there was
    anything to eat, the cousin replied that she had only bread and vinegar. The Prophet then 
    said "Bring it. Blessed is the house that has vinegar to go with bread."


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