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Monday, May 16, 2011

Act of Gratitude: What most of us are Lacking

In ignorance, not many of us are aware how vital gratitude is, thus we ignore to acknowledge it, and as time passes on, we fall deeper and deeper into a deep hollow well where 'being thankful' becomes a stranger to us. I bet most of us are taught to feel grateful in life, to accept whatever happens and to live through challenges and obstacles. But, why nowadays, it seems that gratefulness is thinning  from our souls? Why do we forget to say 'Alhamdulillah" upon walloping a a triple-cheese burger for lunch. And do we even realize that with every single breath that we take, it's beyond our capacity. So, learn to be grateful. It's more than just thankfulness.
I bet in most religion, it preaches towards feeling thankful and blessed at all times, however since I am a Muslim, I will be concentrating in my own religion.
In Islam, the act of gratitude is also known as 'Syukur', the opposite of that is 'kufr'. It is said that faith consists of two vital parts, one is gratitude and the other perseverance. With syukur comes patience and the meaning of:-
  • To accept all circumstances in life.
  • To not fell disgruntled or have any regrets for what has already passed.
  • To not be overpowered by grief and sadness.
  • To deal with calamities with a strong heart.
  • To deal with challenges calmly and wisely.
  • To no let anger and emotions lead you, otherwise surely your sanity is impaired.

    Gratitude mentioned in Hadiths and the Holy Quran
    • "..remember Me(by amal, dzikir, etc..). I will remember you, and be grateful to Me(for My countless favors on you) and don't deny Me"[1]
    • The Prophet SAW said; "The condition of a believer is a wonder. Everything is good.Only a believer enjoys these circumstances.When he gains fortune, he thanks Allah and this benefits him. When he undergoes affliction, he endures with patience, and this is good for him" [2]
    • "Muhammad is no more than just a messenger, and (indeed) many messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or get killed, would you turn your back as disbelievers? And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah, and Allah will reward those who are grateful" [3]
    •  "Indeed, we guided him the way, and be him grateful of ungrateful"[4]
    Hardship and obstacles are part of life and to endure what others may see as suffering or stress is actually for the best and bountiful[5] instead of complaining and begging pity from others who have no power what-so-ever to offer you relief.
    And when you feel life is nothing but a burden and nothing, not one single thing is a blessing, remember, by letting yourself fall into defeat, the satan wins, as he promised[6] that he will drive human astray, away from the siratulmustaqim and to make humans fell the least amount of gratitude in our hearts.
    Always remember that the whispers of satan are smooth, seeping into our souls unnoticed, making us see the bad as good and alters faith. But there is the One who is Greater, He is the Most Greatest Allah SWT. And as vulnerable minions, what we can do is obey His orders and pray for protection, as He is the Almighty who can protects us from the unseen.

    Gratitude benefits the soul, benefits the health
    • When we're always feeling blessed and grateful, we have a sense of humbleness, and calmness. As we don't forget that what we have or where we at are all achieved with the help we get, not by ourselves. We are merely humans, and we are in the need of assistance, be it egoistic no or a surrendering yes, we need help all the time. If not from those around us, we still need the mercy of Allah SWT. Remember if there is someone who is great, or even if you are great, there is always The Greatest, do boast too much, you're nothing without Him.
    • According to studies those who are grateful deal with difficulties better in life and take care of themselves better. 
    • Having gratitude makes us enjoy life, happier and look forward to the future positively.
    • With gratitude we tend to easily forgive and forget.
    • Prevents the onset of psychology-related disorders.
    • Improved mental alertness and a stabilized state of emotions.
    • General healthy constitution of the mind, body and soul.
    Okay, that's all from me tonight. Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading. And remember always...

    [1] Quran, Al- Baqarah, 2:152 
    [2]HS Bukhari
    [3]Quran, Ali-Imran 3:144 
    [4]Quran, Al-Insan 76:3 
    [5] If not in the dunia, there will be benefits in the akhirat, HS Bukhari;Narrated by Abu Hurairah (RA), Rasulullah SAW said "None will enter paradise  but will be shown the place he would have occupied in the (hell) fire, if he had rejected faith, so that he may be more thankful, and none will enter the (hell) fire but will be shown the place he would have occupied in paradise if he had faith, so that may be a  cause of sorrow for him" 
    [6]Quran, AL-Isra' 17:62 ; Iblis said "Do you see this one(Adam) whom you have honored above me? If you delay me until   
    the Day of resurrection, I will surely destroy his descendants, all but a few"                                                                                      


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