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Friday, May 20, 2011

Anti-inflammatory Foods

Do we face inflammation problems daily? Most of us probably do, with or without realizing it's occurrence. Inflammation may occur outside the body, whereas we should be able to recognize it or internally, sometimes felt as pain, discomfort or maybe no feelings at all.
Inflammation can be seen on the surface as redness, tenderness, swollen,acne and warmth to the touch, inflammation near to the epidermis or in the joints may portray itself also by these characters that is visible from the outside. However, inflammation of internal organs, such as the heart, pancreas and so on are usually symptomless and left unrecognized and make itself known until later stages, then pain and discomfort will be present. Other signs of inflammation includes:-
  • Fever and chills.
  • Swollen glands.
  • Muscle stiffness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Headache.
Inflammation is actually a normal body reaction to fight off invaders that have entered and the body. It happens when white blood cells are in action, charging against foreign invaders, they release chemicals and heat in order to kill the enemies. But, an abnormal inflammation also occurs when the body gets wired-up and confused, mistaking the host cells as threats and attacks it, this is known as an autoimmune disorder.Some diseases are related to inflammation including rheumatism, bursitis, gout and infection. To prevent this condition or dampen it before it gets out of hands and damages the surrounding cells, let's try to ease it and cool it down, and nothing beats a healthy choice of consumption to get the body system back into it's normal state of health.

Foods to calm down an inflammation

1.Salmon-A great source of omega 3 fatty acids that is an anti-inflammatory agent and a cure for autoimmune diseases as well as psychological disorders. You can also opt for herrings, mackerel and sardines for omega 3, just make sure they fill up your menu up to 2-4 times weekly for optimizing it's benefits .

2.Avocado-Packed with essential oils, omega 3 and vitamin E, avocado helps to fight inflammation and repairs damaged cartilage.

3.Turmeric-A spice that contains curcumin, a therapeutic phenol-compound that gives turmeric it's strong taste and flavor. This particular compound has magnificent anti inflammatory capabilities that matches up to the level of potent anti-inflammation drugs, motrin and hydrocortisone (minus the side effects).

4.Legumes-These includes lentils, split peas,adzuki beans, mung beans, kidney beans, soy products(miso and tempeh) and garbanzos. Legumes possesses anti-inflammatory effects and a great substitute for animal protein. They also contain fiber and loads of nutrients which is beneficial for general health.

5.Veggie oils-Corn, olive, canola and flaxseed oil also contains high levels of omega 3 that reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, improves brain and heart health.

6.Blueberries-Rich in phytonutrients that relieves inflammation and prevents cancer as well as dementia.

7.Green tea-Contains high levels of flavonoids which are responsible for cooling down an inflammation. Green tea is also known for it's antioxidant activity that helps to heal free radical damage and prevents cancer.

8.Broccoli-This particular vegetable is a good source of calcium, phytonutrients including sulforapane, vitamins and minerals. An inflammatory agent, prevents cancer and kicks out carcinogens out of the body.

9.Onions, garlic and ginger-Contains antioxidants to fight inflammation and ease pain. Also beneficial for treating colds, coughs and giving a boost to the immune system.

10.Shiitake mushroom-Has been used in ancient Chinese medicine as a remedy for inflammation, and proven that it does till today. It also boosts immunity and prevents cancer. Also try oyster mushrooms, reishi, enoki and maitake.

11.Papaya-Contains an enzyme, namely papain, and vitamins that helps to tone down inflammation, treat burns and aids bowel movements.

12.Pineapple-Contains an antioxidant, bromelin, that reduce inflammation, improves digestion, boosts immunity, eases swelling and arthritic pain.

13.Spinach-Packed with anti-inflammatory agents-carotenoids.Also a very good source for vitamin E, anti-oxidative flavanoids, trytophan and other essential nutrients.

14.Sweet potato-Contains very powerful antioxidants,carbohydrates, beta-carotene, manganese, vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and aids digestion.

That's all from me tonight. Thank you for dropping by for a read.


Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and now I'm here. Wow you have tremendous resources on health here. As a mom and cook at home, it's very important to know what's good for our body. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing this!

aesh came said...

@Nami: Welcome and thank you for your visit. do come again for a read, I had a pleasant time myself at your cooking blog, since I'm not a good cook..hehe =)


Ur entry helps me a lot.Tengs 4 ur info :)

Liana said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Kebetulan pula entry2 kami berkaitan sbb dang gui pun baik untuk inflammation(turmeric ada persamaam ngan dang gui herb). Boleh je share recipe ana ngn link skali. Ana lagi gembira kalau org melayu pun mula makan mknn masak ngan dang gui. ^^

U should try it too tau! Tp dang gui tu, kalau masak ayam dlm 500g, dang gui letak dlm 6keping(dihancurkan as directed in my post)


aesh came said...

@Nurul Natasya Amir: Welcome! singgah2 la selalu dear!

@Liyana: Oraitey! thanks you the very muchas. Hehehe...will post on it ASAP.. =) Jazakallah..

Liana said...

WA iyyaki ukhti. Btw, it's Liana not liyana. Shukran!=)

aesh came said...

@Liana : hehe sorry misspelled your name..welcome!

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