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Friday, May 20, 2011

Easy steps to a Healthier You!

Some of us finds difficulty in achieving a healthy life-style. Who's to blame? With all the temptations of mouth-watering desserts, easy-to-prepare can and instant foods, fast foods on the go, video games over exercising, there's just so much distractions. Kids get their habits by looking at their parents, and no matter how strictly you try to mold your  child for perfection, when you overlook your own flaws they'll never be flawless as youwish they would.
I'm not going into parenting tips ,just a little reminder for parents and parents-to-be out there. If you want your child to eat and grow healthily, it's easy. You eat and live healthily, they'll digest it better and follow in your lead. If you are on the call for burgers every weekend and enjoying gassy beverages in the noon, don't aspect your kid not to.
Wasn't that way off the topic? My apologies, drifted by the weather I guess. Okay, back to being healthy. There are a few simple tricks that are easy to adapt for the whole family, I've tried it and yes, it blends in well just like any other normal days.

Let's check out this so-called simple recipe to health:-
  • Drinking Water, more! --->Yes! more water, quench your thirst and cravings with water. Some people find it hard to gulp down plain water, try adding lemon zest or slices to make it more swallow-able. When your tummy is filled with water, it won't be calling for that extra piece of cake or a bar of chocolate. Next time you feel like a snack, try reaching for that mineral bottle first. Great on your health, and better for a slimmer waistline.
  • Hygiene matters--->I bet most of us realize how cleanliness plays a role in our health, especially with the rising cases of weird viral attacks such as H1N1 and the likes of it, we are told to keep our hands clean at all times. And this may seem trivial but it's one of the most important steps to take before you eat and after activities. Hands collect most of the dirt, bacteria and germs, later it's going to pick up the food that's going to go down your throat, so might as well take precautions and keep them clean.
  • Stretching--->Don't think stretching is important? Think again. Stretching improves blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, improves joint movements and flexibility, enhance muscle coordination, reduce fatigue, relieves stress , increases joint range of motion and improves mental alertness. Just remember to do warm-ups before you stretch.
  • Eat with the family--->When we eat together, in what ways does it benefit the health? Well, for starters when the family gathers up to eat, surely it'll be a home-cooked meal(better option than dining-out) and at the table it's proven that less soda is taken when eating together. Other benefits are strengthening bonds, here is where the family can connect and communicate with each other after, solving problem together and it provides a sense of relief and satisfaction amongst the members. And here where parents can preach about good values such as be respectful to others, give more than take and always be grateful for everything in life.
  • Outdoor shoes, Stays outside--->Say what? Some people take their walking, running and daily here-and-there shoes inside the house, please, stop this. This is not right, shoes(especially use on normal days) drag along countless germs, allergens and all the microorganisms that's invisible to our sight, by taking them inside the house, you're giving the intruders an easy breech and they'll slowly build up forts in your walls, in your pipes, dwell in your kitchen, infesting on your food and later on will cause the sprout of diseases, so please be careful with what you take in the house with you. You should at least try to remember this point if you have little kids around the house or someone in the residence is at a child bearing age, as viruses from animal poop(that you may not realized you've stepped on) may prevent conception.
That's all from me, you can try to take your own precautions by analyzing each step that you make daily, and rule out which may contribute to a healthier household and which does not. Remember, it all starts from home, and home is where happiness should bloom and where the kids ought to feel merry. When they are healthy they will be happy. Every smart step may change your life for the better in humongous ways. Think smart, act wisely and live well. Thank you for the read, it's pleasant to receive your visit, do come again. Goodnight all!


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thanks a lot ! ^_^..

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@Mira Zali: =)

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