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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hydrate your body with FRUITS!

As we all know, 75% of our body is made of H20=water. And for proper organ and system functions, sufficient water is needed. When your body gets dehydrated, it gets unhappy, grumpy and doesn't run well. Your insides are moist, your organs are wet, just imagine your blood, isn't is made up of water? How does it flow if it's dehydrated. The conclusion is drink, drink and drink water. By the way, caffeinated and carbonated beverages is not considered as water, it dehydrates your body, not refreshing it.
I am aware how many of us don't drink enough water. Probably you don't fancy the taste, it's not a habit or you're just a bit lazy to go and pour a glass of water for drinking. Whatever the reason is, it's all up to you,whether you feel it is vital or not to keep your body to let your body flooding well. Anyway here is one solution to hydrate your body, not with water but with...FRUITS!
Fruits are yummy, and rich of other nutrient; fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. So, maybe you can have it for snacks or while you are on the go to, it may be more convenient and easier to pack compared to water.

Introducing 5 watery fresh fruits:-

1.Watermelon.(93%H2O) : Yeay! One of my favorite fruits.
->Not only is is filled with water, watermelon contains antioxidants(vitamin A & C) beneficial in dealing with excessive free radicals.
->It is also rich in potassium, which helps maintain a balanced blood pressure.
->Contains carotenoids, the pigments that produces it's lovely color and has anticancer properties.
->Fiber, easing constipation and alleviate bowel movements.

2.Strawberries.(91% H2O).
->Also contains folic acid, which is essential for preggy moms, preventing neural tube defects and for good brain development of the child. Other benefits of strawberry;-
->Carbohydrates, providing you with energy.
->Contains vitamin A, B and C. 
->Contains calcium and phosphorus, both are requirements for bone health.
->Potassium, for a balanced blood pressure.
->Good for oral health, whiter teeth and gives you lovely healthy looking skin.

3.Grapefruit.(90% H2O) What say you? Yummy?
 You can make this fruit into a salad, if you can't tolerate it's taste. But just as the other fruits of the citrus family, grapefruits are juicy, a proof of good hydration and is packed with vitamin C = antioxidant.
->Acts as an anti aging agent, prevents premature cell aging and cell death.
->Improves digestion.
->Reduces fever
->Fights cancers of the lungs, colon and prostate.
->Improves liver function and assist detoxification processes.
->Enhances the capability of the immune system.

4.Apples and pears(84-89% H2O)

->Very tasty source of hydration, due to its content of fructose., which does not cause a spike in blood sugar level as glucose would.
->Plentiful of vitamin C, as we all know, an antioxidant.Wards off free radicals and retards aging.
->Fibrous goodness,relieves constipation and  lowers blood cholesterol levels.
->Anti-inflammation and prevents the onset of lung and colon cancer.

->Relieves constipation, cleans the colon and assist excretion processes.
->High in Vitamin C, fights colds ,flu and treats scurvy.
->Lowers blood cholesterol levels and maintaining a stable blood pressure.
->Good choice of food to aid a weight losing diet program.
->Lowers blood sugar level and have the possibilities to aid healing in diabetic patients (Type II).
->Reduces the formation of acne.
->Improves blood circulation.
->Prevents colon and lung cancer.

Okay! That's the 5 fruits in my list for hydration purposes. Hope you find it helpful. Thank you for the read people! Muchas gracias.. Till we meet again..


Weebs@Wellnessinfo said...

Interesting info. Yes, not many of us realize that fruits is vital for our well-being. good article indeed.

aeshcame said...

@weebs : yes, thanks for the comment.

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