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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reasons to cut down on Red Meat

A salami sandwich for breakfast. A double cheese burger for lunch. Steak for dinner. What's wrong with this picture? I bet you see the problem. Meat, meat and more meat. Red meat is one of the popular choices for burgers, grills, stews, pizza, pasta, salads, and even made into loaves! Believe it or not, but red meat has dominated most of our menu lists. Wonder what's wrong with that? Read on to find out.
  • A study by WHO(world health organization) proved that upon regular consumption,red meat is associated to the increased rate of cancer, heart disorders, arthritis, stroke, diabetes, obesity, food poisoning, osteoporosis, and appendix disorders.
  • Red meat contains chemicals, DDT from the plants the eat that leads to liver problems and cancer. When livestock, such as cows digest DDT-treated grass, the toxicity of this particular chemical is tripled or even more and when we consume red meat that is already contaminated with an elevated level of DDT, the toxicity increases more when we digest it.
  • Commercialized livestock are forced feed to hasten growing process, how are the animals forced to eat? By giving them appetite stimulating drugs. (drugged animals,does this makes them a worthy meal?)
  • The animals are also treated with antibiotics,sedatives and hormones. 
  • The hormone levels of these livestock are significantly altered due to small cramped spaces and chemical feeds that causes adrenalin changes and decrease the quality of its meat.
  • E-coli(escherichia coli) is found in red meat, even cooked ones. This bacterium may lead to bloody diarrhea and infections of the colon.

  • Barbecued meats are burned way too much and produces chemicals (PAHs; Polycylicaromatic hydrocarbons and HCA; heterocyclic amines) that aggravates the onset of cancers of the anus, rectum, breast and stomach. These chemicals are related to respiratory problems and allergies.
  • They contains more harmful fats compared to other protein-source foods, and 30 times more than of those normal, free range animals.
  • Contains N-nitroso compounds that damages DNA and cells of digestive system walls, eventually cancer.
  • Contains nitrate-used as preservative to avoid rotting that may react with digestive juices to produce a carcinogenic(cancer causing) compound.
  • Increases blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Increase the risks for constipation(they contain no fiber and hard to digest), gall stones, kidney stones, high levels of uric acid, narrowed blood vessels(due to accumulation of fats) and atherosclerosis. Click here to learn more on constipation..>
  • With gall stones, infections and complications are at bay. Includes inflammation of gall bladder, bloating, peritonitis(inflammation of abdominal membrane layer) and gangrene of the gall bladder.
  • When red meat is highly consumed, our kidneys need to exert energy 3x or more to evacuate nitrogen substances compared to vegetables. This also increases the risk for kidney stones, as calcium crystallizes and accumulates in the kidneys.
  • The hiked level of uric acid is the cause for gout, and needle-like crystals place themselves at joints, hence bringing about the pains and discomfort of this illness. When uric acids choose to lie in the nerves, next comes neuritis and sciatica.
  • Causes diverticulitis- A colon disorder which leads to colon structural changes, the formation of protruding pouches at colon walls, bleeding and aches(stomach). This is due to waste materials that is delayed exit repeatedly and consistently.

  • Can possibly cause multiple sclerosis- disturbs nerve function and damages neuron cells, resulting in fatigue, dizziness, impaired vision and tingling feeling of extremities.
  • Damages DNA and cell structure massively, increasing the risk for colorectal cancer a.k.a. colon cancer a.k.a cancer of the large intestines.
  • Blood is acidified, disorienting the functions of cell regeneration, alter metabolism, disturbs normal blood viscosity and flow, impairs transportation of oxygen and nutrients through out the body, delays elimination processes, dulls nervous system, and imbalances hormone secretion.
  • Processed meats(salami,bologna,minced and hotdogs) are not excluded from risking your health, they may be in fact cause worse health defects as the processed meats usually consists of things we do not eat(bones, internals and stuff like that, that are converted in other appearances than let it go to waste). Since they are processed, chemicals are surely needed for transformation and preserving it's freshness. Contains bacteria (listeria, chorella, salmonella) that may cause harm to pregnant mothers. And they too, just as red meats increase the chances for cancer(especially ovaries, breast and stomach).
As for women, hormonal flow are easier to be altered by red meat consumption, take precautions and have less of the meaty meals and go for seafood or oily fishes instead. They are after all more healthy and the presence of unnecessary fats are doubtless absent.

Eat wise and live well. Thanks for reading!


minneapolis dentists said...

Never crazy about red meat until I realized after years of choking it down, my mother was improperly cooking it (overcooking it, etc).

Can't say I eat huge plates of it, but I've definitely come around to it.

Anyway, thanks so much for this information on red meat!

Mak anak tiga said...

@minneapolis dentists: Good for you, many youngsters eat way too much burgers and we should make them realize the dangers~ how do we even talk to them in the first idea.. you're most welcome dear!

Thanks for the read.

ibundo said...

I never really like to eat red meat. Furthermore at this stage of my life I am advised to cut down on red meat intake due to health reasons. I can live without it.
Hope the others do not find it difficult to choose between the 'goods' and the 'bads'.
Good info.

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Mak anak tiga said...

@KakPah: I guess at later stages of life red meat is intolerable to our health isn't it, especially when it's injected with too much of chemicals, doesn't matter if we eat it or not, we can always eat other kinds of meat, poultry or the better choice that is fish. =)

Thanks for the visit =)

Weebs@Wellnessinfo said...

Good info, you might want to check out my site for constipation solutions.

Mak anak tiga said...

@weebs@welnessinfo: Thanks, will give your site a visit then.. (^^)

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