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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reducing the harmful effects of Red Meat

We have gone through the negative side of red meat. Now the obvious way of avoiding the health risks it possess is to cut down our intake of red meat, however in any circumstances that we cannot abstain ourselves from it, we could at least try to lessen the harmful effects packed with it, by injection or by overcooking(carcinogenic).

I have no idea how can we prevent the antibiotics effects, but we can if we are cooking free range beef that is. My tips here today will be cutting on 2 things, they are:-
  1. The cholesterol level.
  2. The carcinogens.
Making red meat a safer consumption

Every now and then we still go for red meat booths (except for vegans) when we go for grocery, so don't let those cravings ends up in an unhealthy meal. Feed ourselves well, guilt-free!
  • If you're planning for a BBQ outing with friends and family, you could substitute the use of charcoal with propane, less smoke and lower temperature requirement, this reduces the formation of carcinogens.
  • Marinating? Add olive oil (extra virgin are better), not only it enhances flavor and tenderness, the production of HCAs(heterocyclic amines) are also reduced by 90% (that's not little!) and it offers protection to colon cells, preventing any red meat-associated damages.
  • Make a stew instead. Usually the chemical structures of red meat is altered towards harmfulness when they're grilled or fried, so making stews and soups lowers the risk for the arousal of carcinogens, however we still need to take measurements to reduce the cholesterol levels. (For this, you may add some olive oil to the soup/stew)
  •  Use cherries, pepper, mushrooms or cherry tomatoes, or any antioxidant rich foods when cooking that may be helpful in reducing the carcinogenic effects of the meat.
  • Wrap in an aluminum foil for grilling, this will reduce burnt surface of the meat, therefore the carcinogenic effect is also reduced.
  • Drinking plenty of mineral/RO/zam-zam or whatever plain water helps to lower down cholesterol levels in your blood, but bear in mind: Do not drink next to eating, or in between, drink 30minutes before or after meals to avoid digestion impairment.
  • If you're cooking chicken, rip the skin off for disposal, that is where most of the fats lie and where most of the chemicals resides.
  • More greens on your plate,please. Or other colored veggies may benefit. As we all know, meats are fiber-less, inducing constipation and retards gut processes, So, eat more veggies for sufficient fiber for a rapid elimination of waste materials before they start to undermine your well-being.
  • Zest things up. Adding lime/lemon zest to your dishes significantly lowers the cholesterol levels. If you don't fancy the idea of sourness in your meals, you can always go for a cup of warm lemon tea after eating or a chilled glass of lemonade 30minutes after your meal.
I think I've reached the end of this topic, till we meet again. May we feed ourselves and our dearest family with better & healthier foods. Thanks for reading. (^^)

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