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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When Chamomile and Licorice gets together...

Chamomile (matricaria recutito) is a family member to the dear daisy, as you can see they do have some similarities in appearance. It has been used for ages as an anti-inflammation curing numerous inflammation-related diseases. However, today my highlight on this particular plant will be on it's benefits towards the skin. Yes, I said skin. Don't we all fancy smooth and silky looking skin? I know I do.
I spilled the beans there, my topic on chamomile and licorice getting together? It's related to skin health. Further reading will clear up the confusions. Back on with the chamomile please!

Okay, the active ingredients in chamomile are essential oils and flavonoids, here's how they benefit our skin:-
  • Firstly, it treats and calms down infection, soothing irritation and skin allergies.
  • Wards off those nasty pimples and any visible rashes.
  • It's anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.
  • Soothes burns and swelling.
  • Ease any noticeable discomforts.
  • Speeds up wound recovery.
  • Reduce itching, and may treat skin disorder discomfort, such as eczema.
  • It's scent calms the mind and soothes the soul. Stabilizing emotions and helps you to think wisely.
Now, what's licorice got to do with skin health:-
  • Just like it's dear friend, chamomile, licorice has also been in the limelight for ages(I just found out), used to heal various kinds of ailments including treating inflammation, burns, ulcers and various skin disorders.
  • In Journal of drugs in dermatology, July edition. It stated that licorice is one of the natural products used in skin care products to effectively treat acne, atopic dermatitis,psoriasis, sensitive and irritated skin conditions. (
  • Lightens pigmentation and naturally brightens up the skin.
  • Diminish appearance of black spots.
  • Improves hydration and reducing inflammation, beneficial in the cases of eczema.
  • Possess the same effect of hydrocortisone, the drug used in treatment of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis(minus the side effects).
  • Hasten the recovery of cold sores and ease related pain.
What are my suggestions for smooth, healthy, youthful and  mind-calming solution? This:-
Vcare Shower gel & Vcare foaming Dew.
I mentioned about these products before in one of my previous posts, you can check it out here...>
Or you can just continue reading..

What made me fell in love with these products? Are these reasons worthy enough...?
  1. All natural herbal ingredients.
  2. Free of chemicals.
  3. Mild to the skin yet rich in nourishment.
  4. Balances skin's pH, heals,rejuvenates and repairs.
  5. Alleviate allergies, inflammation and irritation.
  6. Cleanses thoroughly.
  7. Provides a moment of aromatherapy, chills out all the chaotic mess stuck in my head.
  8. Protects skin cell's membranes.
  9. Safe for all ages, suitable for all skin types and proven effective.
  10. Stabilizes sebaceous secretion.
  11. Moisturizes and leaves the skin smooth, soft and healthy!
Let me give you a brief elaboration on both items.

Vcare Shower Gel.

Apart from chamomile and licorice, this shower gel also contains moisturizing agents that helps to lock in moisture, making our skin supple all day long. It's thick texture requires little usage, lather with water to fully apply all over the body.
It does clean up the body, yes and more to come. It's also beneficial in removing fatigue, relaxes your muscles after a long day at work, improves blood circulation, enhance skin metabolism, fortify defense line on skin's surface and offers a total refreshed feeling that you ought to miss out on.
For those with skin allergies (including babies), I highly recommend you try this shower gel, it really does do wonders to the skin.
And what's more,it makes your shower moments enjoyable and relaxing.

Vcare Foaming Dew

I bet most women uses facial cleansing products, not sure about men. But nowadays more men are building awareness about facial care, isn't that right? Correct me if I'm mistaken.
This foaming dew is superb. It's name 'dew' really suites it's function. Leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed without feeling of tightness. I've used some facial cleansers that make my skin feels stretched, any similar experiences? But this one I bet you, there's no eerie feeling about it, it's all just pleasure and it's scent is just, absolutely, unforgettable.
Other of it's enriched ingredients include 8 types of amino acids that hydrates skin and provides suppleness. Aloe vera extracts to tone down formation of pimples, hasten recovery of scar tissues and calms inflammation.

That's all from me tonight, there's more to come, do come again for read. Your presence is always welcomed and cherished. Thank you for dropping by for a read. Till we meet again. Goodnight all. Salam..


ibundo said...

enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the info.

aeshcame said...

@kakpah: welcome! thank you for dropping by. Nice to have you here.. =)

Weebs@Wellnessinfo said...

Nice info. chamomile is one of my favorites.

aeshcame said...

@Weebs@wellnessinfo: thank you. do come again.. =)

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