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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oprah : reading to your unborn baby

Why is Oprah's name up there? Just because I kind of borrowed this info from, where I go for visits now and then to scoop up valuable knowledge. So, today I found out about reading to an unborn child, and I think it's an interesting  point that may have been neglected by many preggy mommies out there,so I though I'd share it.

(These questions are answered by Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen)

The situation: Does the unborn child hears anything from the outside? When we read or talk to him, does it affects the baby significantly? 
A: Don't be surprised but they do, loud, ear-banging stereos are surely to be heard, other sorts of sounds that seeps through bones ans tissues are also being heard by them. By the 24th week they are able to recognize their mother's voice and it's what make it calm.

Pregnant mothers are strongly advice to talk to their growing child as this helps to enhance it's mental/ brain developments and kick starts the baby's bond with their mothers.

It's also encouraged to listen to musics that have proven mental awareness for brain stimulation and development (as for Muslims, Quran recitation are the best kind of listening to provide before and after birth).

Studies suggests that exposing the unborn baby(and after birth) to different sounds and environment enhance neuron connections and builds their neural structure. However it is said that baby's brain are like plastic, they adapt and make constant connections easily. They absorbs thing around them like sponges.

My advice:Positive exposures brings about a positive child and lay off the hard rock, it may be cause undesirable affects, no offense, just a personal portray.

A hectic morning, a short post. Hope you find it useful, thanks for reading and have a wonderful morning!


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