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Friday, June 17, 2011

Types of water (Part 1) - Living water, it's alive!

Just as we need air to breathe, water is needed just as much to keep on surviving. We drink everyday, but do we even know what are we really drinking, does the water possess minerals that could benefit our health or  the opposite?

I just found out myself, the many types of water around us and I think it's an interesting fact that is unknown to many. Water are not all the same, and some contains magnificent effects unlike any other water.

There are water that are clean, purified through filtering and lots of other methods to clear up the existing microorganisms and dirt. But wait, too clean is not the best, it isn't the worst either. It's downside is just it's lack of minerals and healing properties that is left attached without much cleansing processes.

I'd like to start things off by introducing you to 'living water', heard of it? Dr. Masaru Emoto,from  Japan wrote a book titled 'The hidden messages in water', that explains criteria possesses by water in a different perspective. According to Emoto, the water's value is altered by waves of emotions, by speech and environment. He also said that water is alive, what it hears is saved into it's memory and influences it's composition. It is really an interesting book which reveals how water crystals changes when exposed to different kind of sounds, words and even pictures.

Some of the water crystals captured by Dr.Masaru Emoto.
What is Living water

The best water around is zamzam water, unfortunately it is not readily available throughout the nation. But it's infinite wondrous benefits are undeniable. R.O. (reverse osmosis) is claimed to be the cleanest yet it is absent of any health-giving benefits.
Living water are natural sources of water, those that lies under this scope includes:-
  • Rain water
  • Well water
  • River water
  • Spring/ fountain water
What determines a water is alive is it's content is free of harmful microorganisms, contains essential minerals and oxygen, alkalized, capable of detoxification processes, and reacts to its surrounding, in other terms influenced by actions taken towards it.
The conclusion of the experiments brought out by Dr Emoto shows that positive energy produces a a positively charged molecules and negative energy produces a negatively charged molecules of the water. This energy comes mostly pictures and words. So, it's wise to say good things (etc, I love you, thank you..) before drinking your glass of water, what you say is what you drink, literally. In Islam, we are taught to say bismillah, before any actions, and this saying is proved to beautify water molecules and when these molecules will, InsyaAllah beautify or body cells and all.
Looking at the detrimental factors that changes the chemistry of water molecules, we should take precautions as we are made up of 75% H2O, the much water content is just as easily influenced by what goes on around us, so say good words, do good deeds and stay out of negative borne places as all of these factors may alter our constituent.
When constantly drinking positively-charged water, our chances of improving our health is increased, vice versa.  And do go flabbergasted to find that just by drinking activated living water, health is regained and illnesses might get cured, what's important is having faith and perseverance in a good drinking habit. I'm merely suggesting this as I cannot assure you a 100% guarantee for I've no power nor do I have certifications. But to try this out is worthy, if you don't find it logical. However, sometimes miracles do happen, and it is not your say whether it does or doesn't.
Remeber, it's living water, not R.O. water and it's not distilled water.

I'll elaborate more on this topic in my next article. Till then, thank you muchas for the read.

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