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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Types of water(part 3): The water is clean, but....

Okay, we're done with living water, let's check out the opposite...dead? I've no idea what it's called, it's just not alive. Here's what I found; reverse osmosis and distilled. Both are very clean but way too clean, no germs, no minerals. Just water. Bad? No. Good? Not sure. But upon my findings, drinking living water brings much benefits for our health, the opposite type of water does not cure nor does it heals. It just water. Distillation and R.O. is made just like we did those water experiments in school, at least I did. Lab work that took hours for tiny bits of water...turns out it's not the best end product we'd yearned for. And before I forget, boiled water.

R.O, distilled and boiled water.

RO:If you understand how osmotic pressure works, you'll get how reverse osmosis works. First, let's look at a normal osmosis-a semipermeable membrane with tiny pores is placed to diffuse water apart from ions (sodium, chloride and calcium, etc..including essential trace elements) or whatever large molecules exists in the water. From a high concentration moving towards a lower concentration. In the case on RO, it's reversed, the lower concentration goes into the higher concentration, however molecules that are smaller than water (considerably microorganisms, may still pass through).
The downside of RO is it causes water wastage as with 3 gallons of water is used to produce a gallon of purified water.

Distilled:This process requires boiling liquid and capturing it's condensed vapor for usage.This process usually takes long hours and of course, strips out any minerals in the water.

Boiling: Just as distillation, boiled water is boiled. The difference is, we use the boiled water, not the vapor. In the boiling process, harmful substances are diminished, so are the beneficial ones.

You can google up on these three for more info, hehe sorry but I'm not expertise in this field so I will not elaborate much. That's all I can share. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day! =)

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