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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Licorice & skin health

What's your first thought when you read the word 'licorice'? For me, all I can think of is this.... (yumm..yumm..) :

Okay, so I am a big fan of these licorice treats, and all I can relate to licorice is this, but I'm absolutely in the wrong, because there is the licorice plant that is more than a bunch of sweet stuff. Here's what it looks like.. (and it's what I'll be writing about, not the deliciously looking , drool catalysts as we have seen above..)..

R-L: The root, the plant, again, the root.
This is the licorice plant and it's root. Now that we know that such thing exists, let's learn it's benefits, and in this particular post, I'm going to emphasize on it's values for the skin. It turns out that licorice roots has been used in traditional medication for ages in the case of diabetes, digestive disorders, eczema, psoriasis, coughs and much more.
Today, licorice extracts are used in ointments and gels for the following purpose:-
  • Treating canker sores
  • Treats psoriasis, herpes and eczema
  • Contains Glycyrrhizin and flavonoids that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that plays a role in curbing acne formation.
  • May reduce pigmentation
  • Lightens up the skin naturally
  • Possess antiviral properties
  • Retain moisture, to keep your skin supple
Okay, not much of an article, hope you gain some benefit out of it,thanks and goodnight. Salam.

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