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<b>الحمد لله</b>

Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Simple Eating Rules

How's your eating? Did you know that the way you eat may be taking the reason behind the toll on your health? Well , let's see if we are eating according to the rules.

1.Use Smaller Plates

Is your plate big enough to feed the entire nation? If yes, you're breaking rule number 1 already.  The bigger plate you're having, the more food you'll be consuming , meaning the more calories you'll be adding to your waistline. Having big portions of meals at a time also slows down digestion and retards nutrient absorption.
So, next time you're eating, eat to fill up that hungry stomach ,not to stuff it full like you never met food before.

2.Make half of your meals : Veggies / Fruits

When you are taking 50:50 of veggies or fruits in a meal, you won't be eating much of other stuff which could possibly be the unhealthier choice. With this much of  fruits/ veggies in a meal, at least you'll be getting enough nutrients and fiber , at the same time reducing and eliminating fats in your body. Do remind yourself, starting your meal with fruits / veggies is way better then saving it for the last.

3.Eating on the run? NO.

If you're rushing around places, don't grab fast foods. (The usual choice when we're in a hurry). If you must eat something, then go for energy bars instead. If you go for fast foods, your brain still registers the food as a snack, because you're in a rush. So, on your next meal you'll overeat unnecessarily as you would still feel the hunger clinging in your tummy.

4.Go for a shorter ingredients list

Simple as it sounds. If the list of ingredients is lengthy, you'll probably find more salt, sugar, preservatives and all sorts of unknown labels. So sticking to a shorter, recognizable and assuring list is better and safer. In this case why not just go for something natural?

5.Nutritious and cheap

Who says nutritious foods cost an extra penny? It doesn't have to be so. Eating produce in it's season saves a lot on the budget and going for beans or lentils instead of beef sandwich doesn't cost you much. And if you got green fingers, why not grow your own fruits or vegetables?
Cutting down on fast food and junk food is another way of conservation. See, it is easy and it is cheap to have nutrition and stay healthy.

6.Plan healthier meals

Take some time and plan your meals. Make them yummy & nutritious. Home-cooked nutritious food may take longer minutes to prepare compared to ready-made or processed but one thing for sure, they sure are much more worth it.

7.Retrain your palate

Try to train your taste buds. Take a week or two for transformation. Less sugar, less salt and less fat. Your tongue may not accept the changes instantly. Perseverance and determination plays a role here. Be persistent and don't neither your tongue nor your mind tell you that the food taste funny or lacking of something. Go with it and you'll blend with it in no time. InsyaAllah.

8.Stop eating before you are full - Not after you are too full

If you don't fell hungry anymore, stop eating. Approximately when you're 80% full you should be chewing on anything anymore. Stop, Stop, stop. Your tummy need space, when it's overloaded, it can no longer serve it's function well and you could no longer feel the comfort of breathing with ease.
Do gorge on the food, we are human, I think we should know better on how to keep our manners on the table. And overeating doesn't portray good manners.

9.Eat with your family or a friend

The point is to eat with someone. It shows that when eating with a companion or with the family you tend to eat less junk, less chances of overeating and less weight gain. Eating with the family also helps in family bonding and inter-reaction between the members. Family meals? Let's go for it.

10.We hear this all the time - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT

What' s in your diet really does make up who you are. You want healthy , radiant skin and flourishing expression? Eat well, it shows physically.
Loads of fat consumption and all the bad stuff gives you dull facial , pimples , and flab. In the long run, your health is at risk. So, be wise and eat healthy.
Study your diet, gradually eliminate the toxic and gradually bring in the fresh , natural and healthy substitute. It's easy to be healthy. All you need is a start and things will roll in just fine. All the best =) ...

Thanks for the read.. Do come again for more =)

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