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Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is babywearing?

Few examples of baby wearing - courtesy of google
A simple question. A simple answer. What is babywearing? Well, it's to wear your baby! Heheh mind me if you find loops & holes in my explanation. I just found out about this recently but yes, I do love it & the idea is even better.
Babywearing is not a modern act. As we can remember natives from history books..there are pictures of them, with their kids tied up on their back using all sorts of suitable materials, mostly using fabrics, cotton-like materials to wrap their kid on wherever suitable part of their body. And as they have already tied their kid securely, they can move about doing chores hands-free.
Back then, our ancestors, wear their baby for convenience purposes, I don't know if they were aware the many benefits babywearing has to offer to both mum & child. I will briefly list down the awesome side of babywearing, but again I remind you, I am a noob in this field and my knowledge is limited. I'm sharing from wht I've learned. InsyaAllah I'll come up with more articles once I've mastered wearing my own baby with perfection :)

Not all baby carriers are considered as wearing your baby, the main idea of wearing your baby, is to wear correctly, and does not affect the health of physical structure for both wearer and wearee, I hope I will get the chance to elaborate on this in another post. For now, as far as I'm aware of there are 4 kinds of carrier that provides spinal support as well as safety, they are:
3)Ring slings
4)Soft structured carriers (A.K.A. SSC)

Okay, now let's get into the awesomeness of babywearing: (in other words, it's benefits)

1)It reduces infant crying. Well, logically it would. When your child is held close to you, they feel secured & comfort, they feel body heat, they feel your heart beat, they feel that they are safe, less depressed & grow normally.
(Some hospitals use babywearing as a prescription to premature babies to hasten improvement, I don't know in other parts of the world, but here in Sabah, Malaysia due to lack of appliances they do this and miraculously this , in my opinion does a better job than any modern medical help would)

2)Bonding between parent & child.

3)Enhances physical & mental development.

4)In some cases, this does helps in baby blues, for those who are prone to depression after giving birth, try wrapping up your baby to your body,this might just help you feel better. InshaAllah.

5)Happy baby! Now that your baby is where it wants to be, close to tenderness & warmth, they surely will have little reason to whine about except when they are hungry or need a change, I place my bet on this.

More of baby-wearing snap shots, none from my personal experience though. Googled all.

6)The most cool thing about baby wearing, nurse in public with ease, you'll be covered up by your carrier well enough you won't worry about flashing yourself. I NIP for over a million times (yes, hyperbolic is needed sometimes to make a firm point..) and I've yet to flash myslef not even once, so what do you say for baby wearing? Got to do it! If this article isn't convincing enough, do GOOGLE for more info, as I've mentioned earlier, I'ma hatch-ling in this field. From where I stand, I;m at the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

So, till then keep calm and wear your kid! No regrets, just LOVE...


bicara mak dara said...

bagus benda ni jadi takdelah nak dukung sampai lengoh tangan kannn good ;)

Mak anak tiga said...

@ ADZA IRDAWATI aka MAK DARA : exactly :) and better boleh eratkan ibu anak.

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