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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eat and Eliminate Cholesterol

Beating the cholesterol level in your blood isn't hard. If you want to, you can. You can still eat delicious yet nutritious food that can help you to get rid of those fatty fats. Add these amazingly yummy foods into your diet or better, substitute them for the cholesterol contributing foods you've been consuming all this while.
Having an increased blood cholesterol level increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases,liver diseases and dysfunctional organs.
Okay,for an achievable goal do get involved in a consistent physical activity(burns fat quickly) and cut down on the smoking(retards digestion processes and impairs the breakdown of fats),now you're good to go.
So, let's say goodbye to those fat-laden foods and take in these wonderful foods;-

You should take oat for breakfast, at least. If not you can take up to 3 or 4 servings per day. Oats is a perfect meal to start the day with, fortified with omega-3, folate and potassium. It is fiber-rich, effectively absorbs fat for elimination and keeps the arteries clear.
Select rolled, original oats over instant, as they contain more fiber. And to maximize the oats benefits, add cut fruits to the serving. Now isn't that yummy and nutritious?

Great source of fiber(remember, fiber are the ones to kick off those fats), packed with omega 3(also takes down cholesterol) and calcium. Try lentils, chickpeas, black or kidney beans.

Whatever berries you may like, they're full of anti inflammatory properties. Reducing the risk for cancer and heart diseases.All berries do wonders for the health of your vascular,  especially blue and blackberries.

Oily fish
Including salmon,mackerel,tuna,herring and sardines. These type of fishes contain high levels of omega 3, effectively combats cholesterol and prevents clotting. They're known for keeping cholesterol levels low. Take 3-4 servings of oily fish in a week for significant effects on your health.

This milky fruit too contains omega 3. Add it between your sandwich or toss it into your salad. It greatly cuts down on the LDL cholesterol(bad guy) and boosts your HDL cholesterol(good guy). Not only that, it allows absorption for other carotenoids, beta-carotenes and lycopene, both being essential for a healthy heart.

Olive oil
Okay, I think we all know how effective olive oils are in busting cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy. Check out about olive oils under my previous entry ->meet these SUPERFOODS.

Gone nutty for nuts? Now that's what we should go for. I'm talking about walnuts, cashews, almond and macadamia. These nuts are full with omega 3, mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Superb choice of healthy fats and a contribution of fiber. Yummy substitute for snacking with wholesome goodness.

Flaxseed is one of a kind, containing both omega 3 and 6,its great for the heart. You just need to add a few spoons of grounded flaxseed to your cereal,salads or whatever you're having to obtain its unique values.

Tasty soy beans, it helps cutting down on your cholesterol level and at the same time it provides you with protein. That is just wonderful as our body needs protein for a normal growth, tissue healing, and a healthy heart. Avoid taking soy added with salt to prevent a rise in your blood pressure.

Who says cartoons are bad for kids? Popeye was right about spinach and a stronger body. Spinach contains lutein, folate, potassium,calcium and fiber. It's beneficial for the well being of your body and at the same time it keeps the heart in good health.

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