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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pamper your skin Day & Night

Day and night are two different phases of degrees. The present sun is now hotter then ever, can you feel the heat? Under the hot, scorching sun, we tend to get dehydrated inside and outside, thus we get thirsty and get ourselves something to drink. What do you do when your skin gets dried up and thirsty? Drinking water provides solution for your internals but the skin is directly exposed on the outside,resulting in rapid loss of moisture, you need more than just water consumption to protect your skin from the UV rays(ultra violet rays) and keep it well moisturized to maintain its radiance and wellness.
Why do we need to be protected from the UV rays? It's not just about a heated discomfort, it brings danger to our skin. The most obvious result from exposure to the sun is tanned skin. Why does the skin gets a tan anyway? Because it's burned, it deteriorates the skin's well-being leading to wrinkles, damaged skin tissues, and it is a major factor in skin cancer. This is why protection is vital, more so in these days where the sun is extremely hotter than before due to the perforated atmosphere and the rising of global warming, meaning the risks it posed to us is increasingly higher.
One way of protecting your skin is by applying protective day cream. I did mentioned about day cream in one of my previous entry, caring for the skin,more than just skin deep. How ever I will elaborate about the usefulness and the wondrous functions of a particular day cream, the Vcare Day cream. Enriched with extracts of lingzhi, aloe barbadensis, chamomile, olive oil, algae,vitamin E, titanium dioxide(TiO2) acts as a sunscreen, PA++ and powered with sun protecting agent SPF15,both filters out UV rays from having contact with our skin.
Apart from offering vital protection to our skin, the Vcare day cream also promotes moisturizing effects, leaving the skin refreshed all day.
If you don't take out early measurements in caring for your skin, you're giving chance for an aptitude occurrence, early aging, pigmentation, wrinkles, dry and dull looking complexion.

Night pampering is just as important as day care for the skin. Night time is the precious moment of regenerating and healing of all our organs, tissues and cells. This is the time we should take advantage of and feed our body with nutrition and a good night's sleep. During our Zzzz, we should apply a layer of nourishing night cream for optimum absorption and enhancing repairing and flourishing the growth of new, healthy, vibrant skin cells. Here I highly recommend the Vcare night cream. This particular night cream as I stated in one of my previous entry is totally the bomb. Packed and enriched with nano extracted linhzhi, aloe barbadensis, algae, gingko biloba, green tea, vitamin E, vitamin B5, and olive oil.
Why is this night cream the bomb you ask?It nourishes the skin abundantly with fulsome nutrients and providing energy replenishment to catalyze skins healing and renewal processes thus satisfy the skins metabolic needs, effectively improving blood circulation to the skin, preventing wrinkles formation, retards premature aging, wards off free radicals, reducing blemishes, regaining skin's youthful radiance and tenderness.

Consumption plays an important role as well as skin care products to achieve supple, blemish free, youthful looking skin. Pamper your skin outside and from inside. Consider taking skin-friendly food, drink enough water, especially on hot sunny days,have  balanced diet and consider adding supplements into your diet. That's all for now.Thank you for reading.

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Adina said...

Nice tips.
I also writed an article last week about skin, but was about skin problems, more exactly about skin infections. If you don't mind I will let the link here, maybe someone will be interested

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