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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More than just Cleaning Your Teeth

So, you go to the store and get yourself a tube of toothpaste. You pay for it and you go back home. Then, what do you do with the toothpaste? This maybe a silly question, the reason? The discovery of the toothpaste that does more than just solely cleans our mouth and its associates. Imagine, what more can a tube of toothpaste do for you? Clueless? Here's the lead on greenzhi toothgel, a toothpaste that serves 101 uses in our daily lives. Read it to believe it.
At first, I was flabbergasted, stunned, confused and endured a rush of emotions upon learning about this particular toothpaste. Call me absurd or expressing in exaggeration,but would you not pause at that squeezed toothpaste offered to you- TO BE SWALLOWED? So did I.
I'm not crazy, but honestly this toothpaste can be eaten. It's safe for consumption, and you know just how clumsy kids get at teeth-brushing, why not give them a safer option so that if they gulped down some toothpaste it wouldn't do them any harm,even better it might boost their well-being.
Enough of the babbling, lets get on with introduction, shall we?

Lets focus on the safety points first. This particular toothpaste or as it is called, toothgel contains no harmful preservatives, fluoride or additives. It is made using the best ingredients with the best qualities, all natural and doubtless safe. The main ingredient in the greenzhi toothgel is aloe barbadensis and lingzhi or ganoderma lucidum, if you haven't heard about it you can refer to my article, the great mushroom discovery to learn more.
For flavor, xilitol is used, a sugar substitute that is harmless but tasteful.
It also contains chlorofil which prevents gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay and cools down gum sensitivity. Those are what toothpastes usually do. Now,let's get to the out-of-the-box uses of the greenzhi toothgel, what makes it so much special and different that those other brands in the market? Here's what;-
  • It clears up dandruff, no kidding.
  • Can be used as a facial cleanser.
  • Tones down on those volcanoes acne.
  • Assist rapid wound healing.
  • Relieves sore throat and coughing.
  • Improves sniffling sniffles from colds or sinusitis.
  • Prevents mouth ulcers. (Totally true, since I used it I almost forgot about the existence of a so-called mouth ulcer)
  • Works well for nappy rash, or any kinds of rashes.
  • Can be used as a mouth wash.
  • Applied on burns or lesions to prevent visible scars.
  • Shockingly it removes cataracts, needless of an operation. (This, testified,unfortunately I don't have the testimony here)
All of the above are proven experiences and there is just much more of what this greenzhi can bring to you, like the title suggests, more than just cleaning your teeth. For more info's you may leave a comment or e-mail me at Thanks for reading.


Bank of Funny said...

Your blog has good content but load time is taking more than 3 seconds. You might want to work on that.


Adina said...

There we can talk a lot about cleaning our theets, but your article cover the most general points. Good Job :)

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