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Monday, February 28, 2011

Pomegranate Health Benefits

I'm going to pause on the vitamins league for a while, fruity info advertisement in between.
Punica granatum, wondering what that is? It's the scientific name for the fruit I'm about to expose you to.
Since I mentioned about the wonderful pomegranate in my previous post, I'd like to share just a little bit more on this fruit. I just can't get enough of it.So, I'll write as much as i can so everyone can enjoy it's taste and it's goodness knowing just how magnificent it is.
Eat it raw,juice it or turn it into a meal!
Here are the "DID YOU KNOW?"s on pomegranate.
  1. It's a super-food, packed with antioxidants,even greater than blueberries, cranberries, oranges and green tea.A great free radical scavenger.
  2. It's a cancer fighter.(particularly breast cancer,lung cancer and prostate cancer)
  3. Aids an ailing body.
  4. Gives the skin a healthy glow,shine and just youthful looking.
  5. An anti-inflammatory agent, ease arthritic pain.
  6. Take it in concentrated form to effectively reduce cholesterol.
  7. Provides protection for healthy cells.
  8. Prevent dental plaques.
  9. Maintains a clean and clear blood flow.
  10. Keeps osteoarthritis at bay.
  11. Keeps the arteries healthy.
  12. Prevents Alzheimer's,as it flourishes the brain.
  13. Enjoy it with ice cream!
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    Kedron said...

    Nice info. I can add an ease way to get to those tasty nuggets.

    With the pointy crown up, cut through the crown and half way down one side no deeper than the skin. Do the same on the other side. Next, make the same cut marks going perpendicular to the first. It will look like a cross.

    Now, put the blade of the knife into one cut and open the fruit slightly. Do the same with the second cut until you can break the fruit in half by hand. Break it into quarters. Remove the white peel, turn inside out and eat the juicy nuggets! Be aware though, the juice can strain your clothes.

    About Your Skin said...

    It is a very informative post. I didn't know many of the health benefits of Pomegranate before, which I came to know from your post.

    I also found Apple is very good for our health. So, I started to take one Apple everyday. Check the health benefits of Apple here:

    Sara Palmer said...

    I just love pomegranate. This article is well written and it speaks of the real benefits of the fruit. I also find good comments here too. Pomegranates are great for deserts too. They full of nutrients to sustain a healthy body.

    Thank You For Reading!

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