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Friday, March 25, 2011

Neem Extract - Enhancing the Greenzhi tooth gel

Have you heard of neem? It's a herb. Most commonly used in traditional Indian medicine, for more than 2000 years.It is said to reduce inflammation and inhibits the formation of ulcers. It is also said to be able of distinguishing the existence of fungi and bacteria. And one more thing, it's an anticancer. Here I'm just highlighting on neem's benefits regarding oral health, which is the topic for the day,not oral health but what's good for oral health.
In ayurveda medication, it is been prescribed as an effective remedy for dental problems and used as a mouthwash.
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I wrote on a particular mouth cleansing aid that does more than cleansing. Yup, already such a marvelous mouth wash, the Greenzhi tooth gel is now fortified with neem extract,making it more powerful than before and providing you with even better oral hygiene while discards any harmful substances and reduce risks for developing ulcers and tumors.
More of neem's benefits :-
  • Cures caries & gingivitis as well as offers prevention.
  • Relieves toothache.
  • Eliminates plaque.
  • Eliminates bad breath.
  • Subsides swollen gums.
So, that is just about it. A follow up on the upgrade of greenzhi tooth gel.So now it comes in new packaging.
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Here's a look at the new packaging:-
The old look

 And now, bringing you a wardrobe change,

The new look.

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