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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tib An Nabawi (part 3) ; Foods that Heals

We do need to feed ourselves daily, so while we're at it why not make it a worthy feed. Eat good food that nourishes the body, not the food that deteriorates the body, you may think indulging yourself is what matters the most but once you fall sick, you are sure to appreciate the health you once got. Relax, healthy eating isn't all bland and boring, in fact it could taste way better than junk food! (mind over matter?) Lets look at the food mentioned by the Prophet SAW;-

After wheat, rice is the next most-nourishing in the whole-grain family.
It is said to tighten intestinal cavities, coats and adds strength to the stomach.
It nourishes and enrich the body and increases semen production.

This particular plant is said to ;-
  • Open clogs and vein's orifices.
  • Increase urine production.
  • Beneficial for menstruation flow.
  • Dissolves stones and hard tumors in the stomach, liver and kidneys.
  • Strengthens the teeth and stomach.
  • Ease nausea and improves constipation.
Best to be consumed before meals for the following benefits;-
  • Cleanses stomach and intestines.
  • Blends with substances in the stomach quickly and aids elimination processes.
I mentioned dates in on of my earlier entries, meet these superfoods. Today will be more of the super-values on why should dates be eaten.

Dates are most known for its medicinal purposes in the Islam culture. For it is said to cure not only physical ailments but is also beneficial for the heart and offers protection against magic4.
Dates also assist in detoxification processes. And in a new born child, mashed dates are fed to the babies (tahnik), scientifically proven that dates reduce distress and pain in newborns more effectively than glucose solutions.
Dates also stimulates and regulates uterus contraction prior to birthing, taking dates before labor provides the body with natural sugar that functions as energy and painkiller
Beneficial for the health of gums, mouth and stomach. High in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
It's able to relieve sore throats, strengthen the liver and relaxes the bowels.

The best source would be from the chickens. The albumen can be used as an ointment to prevent sunburn while the yolk sanitizes the blood, however not to be taken in large quantities as too much is non beneficial for the health of our body. Taken in sufficient amount relieves pain, strengthens the heart, polishes the throat and trachea, relieves coughing and ulcers of the mouth, lungs, liver and prostate.

I'll have to put a full stop to this entry for a while.Thank you for the read. Please do come back, to be continued..
4.Narrated by Abu Dawood; The Prophet SAW said; "Whoever eats 7 dates (ajwah
when he gets up in morning, nor poison nor magic/ witchcraft will be able to harm him that day"

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