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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dealing with Morning Sickness

You're pregnant. Alhamdulillah.Great news. Congratulations.

 However,the joy of conceiving is sometimes blunted by the existence of morning sickness. Don't be fooled by it's name, it may only be felt in the morning, or be at it's worst in the morning but for some it does linger through out the day, so expect this. An empty stomach could be a possible cause for a worsen morning sickness in the morning. My personal experience, delaying breakfast does makes things worse.

Due to hormonal, physical & other changes occurring in the body, most pregnant women experience some discomfort. It varies in each individual. Some may not even feel a pinch, some may have a slight headache, and some may even vomit for days with an on going nausea. This usually goes on about 3-4months after conceiving, but there are some cases that lasts for the whole 9 months of pregnancy. Tiring, I bet.

Not to worry though, there are some few useful tips you can try to make yourself fell better. Some are my own , some are taken from those who've claimed it works. I hope this helps a bit, if not a lot.

What you can do...

1.As I've mentioned above that an empty stomach worsen morning sickness, try not to go on with an empty stomach. But engrossing yourself with heavy meals does not make it better either. What you can do is take small, frequent healthy meals.
Remember, the baby in your uterus is growing, so our stomach has little space to be indulged with a three-course meal. Take plain unsweetened crackers when you're craving for snacks. Taking regular small meals through out the day also benefits in balancing your blood sugar level.

2.Avoid these foods : Oily & spicy. What's high in fat and contains chilli usually is not the best choice in the menu for pregnant ladies. I have no idea how should I describe the feeling. But trust me, it could leave you lying in bed the whole day if not in the toilet.

3.Try sucking on sour candy, or lemon.

4.If you go to a GP, they probably have drugs to ease your discomfort, but when you're pregnant it's best to keep a distance from drugs, you may never know what are the consequences that may arouse later.

5. Go out and breathe in some fresh air. Don't sit & lie down in the room for the whole day, breathing some fresh air may help to ease your discomfort. Keeping yourself behind the walls could cause even more discomfort.

6.Take enough nutritional supplement, for me I took Bee Pollen. Yung Kien Bee Pollen to be exact. You can read more about it here> here-comes-nourishment. Taking 10-20 of these daily reduces the density of morning sickness vastly, and the best part is it's 100 % natural, no preservative, flavoring or additives. It's also complete with all the nutrient a pregnant mother requires. Vitamin, fats, minerals, it's all in there.

7.Take rests when you're feel dizzy, unstable or tired. Your body needs it. Don't go chasing around doing chores like you would on a normal day. When I say take a rest, I mean rest or a nap in the afternoon, not laze around when you could be up being active. The best way to maintain a healthy pregnancy is to keep active, take walks in the morning,I find this helpful. Not only to lessen nausea but also to assist with the delivery of your baby later, for vaginal birth that is .

8.Avoid stress. Got a problem? Let it go. My personal experience is, when I focus on a problem (i could, or could not resolve..) headaches become worse, tummy aches and all sorts of irritations come by. It's no good for the baby as well, so keep your problems at bay. Adapt a positive attitude and thinking. Everything happens for a reason, don't let it bother you much.

Okay then, I've come to an end of this post for today. Do try out the above tips. Hope it helps. Thank you for the read . Have a healthy pregnancy, have a healthy baby. All the best, mommies !


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Great piece of advice. Morning sickness can ruin a whole day. Thx

Shalini said...

Excellent post.I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up your work.

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It is best to have a natural food that the body is not clogged with harmful substances

child anxiety treatment said...

When I got pregnant with my firstborn, I didn't suffer morning sickness that much. I'll keep your suggestions in mind.


biophysical substance rehab said...

What a post! all these tips are very helpful. A nutritional diet is also very important and also one must not forget that drinking alcohol or any drugs without the doctors prescription is a total no no for pregnant women.

Audio Visual Experts said...

Excellent post! A pregnant woman must really have all the nutrition that it needs to make the baby healthy and bouncy when it comes out.

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A must read for pregnant women and for those who are planning to get pregnant. Very informative.

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Getting pregnant is a blessing that comes from above, so it must be taken care off with lots of care by eating right. Great blog site you have here.

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When a woman is pregnant, she must make sure that she eats the right nutritious foods that can help the baby become healthy and fit.

GoldenEar Canada said...

Getting pregnant is the most important thing that happens to woman's life and it also means getting extra care in everything the one do to ensure that the new life inside the womb will come out healthy.

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