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Monday, May 30, 2011

Here comes nourishment : revealing the benefits of Yung Kien Bee Pollen

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Before we move into the topic of this YK Bee Pollen, I'd like to invite you to dig a little bit into the history of 'me'.  As a kid, who knows nothing much but to pamper much of my sweet tooth's desires was a mistake, and since I really enjoyed the indulgence, the habit was brought up till I reached adolescence. Oh yeah, daily chocolate treats were no big deal for me and the toll was; toothaches! Not once..not twice..but countless of visits to the dentist finally left a scar of lesson in my head. Then I started to cut down on those sweet stuff.
But other junk foods, such as crisps and fast foods were still on the list.
My attention towards my health aroused when I first studied about MSG, additives, all sorts of chemicals and how they affect the body.
However attentiveness wasn't enough, and I didn't improve my diet or my lifestyle, my focus was elsewhere. I guess, my habits were still clinging onto me. Until one day, illness consumed me. I won't be elaborating much on this, enough said; my health was deteriorating.

A detour for the better

The first steps I took were adopting a balanced diet and went for sweat-out activities; including cycling, swimming and brisk walks. I felt much better but still malnourished. My consumption of junk food was decreased dramatically, not fully ceased though. (Till today I still think that once in a while treat is necessary)
The problem was; veggies and fruits from the supermarket has lost many of it's values, leaving us with a satisfied gut, and deprivation of nutrients.
Apart from my decreasing vitality, my skin's health was also fading, it was dry and acne started to flourish on my face, just what every girl needs.That was when YK Pollen was introduced to me, and I discovered it's most treasured possessions of complete nourishment, consisting of a complete blend of nutrients , amino acids, minerals and more.

What urged me to try the YK Bee Pollen

There's just so many supplements to choose from the shelves of pharmacies and there's infinity of nourishment lying around here and there, sometimes we do get in the bit of confusion. Therefore in making an option, a wise one that is, it's important that we know what we are going to consume, make some research and a survey, don't just wallop it all because you heard that it could do wonders.
My readings brought me to the conclusion that the YK Bee Pollen is a safe and reliable. Here are some of it's characteristics:-
  • Taken from top-grade flower species->> The raw pollen grains are sourced from various kinds of flowers to achieve a wider scope of nutritional combination. If it was taken from a single species, the power may be less, when different species are combined they work together in a synergistic manner, if a particular flower is low of vitamins, another species may cover up for it and things like that. This is what make the YK Bee Pollen rich with all sorts of essential nutrients.
  • Safe for all ages and all conditions->>All means, all. Pregnant mothers, children, the elderly, babies, the ill, the healthy, the fat , the skinny, allergic sufferers, whoever. Even animals can take it, I know people who give it to their pets. It's all natural bee pollen, without addition of additives, preservatives or anything else, 100% bee pollen, consists of just originality and sustainability.
  • Offers a diverse supply of nutrients->>It's has all of what the body needs. Amino acids: essential & non-essentials, vitamins A, B, C, D, E,K,  folic acid, nicotinic acid, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, DHA, water, zinc, selenium, and more, too much for typing...
The Benefits it has to offer
  • The key substance in building new cells, and facilitate physiological functions.
  • Assists healing processes, provides vitality, strengthen teeth and bones
  • Stabilizes nervous system
  • Regulates heart function
  • Improves allergic conditions and skin disorders
  • Promotes hemoglobin renewal
  • Enhance mental capability, and improves brain health
  • Improves eye sight 
  • Boosts a healthy growth of fetus.
  • Relieves morning sickness
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • Provides sufficient nutrient for pregnant mothers, growing child and in old age.
  • Prevents anemia.
  • Moistens the gastrointestinal tracts, enhancing peristaltic actions of the intestinal muscles, relieves constipation, improves appetite and aid  digestion.
  • Improves liver function and it's health.
  • For healthier and hydrated skin.
  • Relieves menopausal disturbances and premenopausal symptoms.

My experience with YK Bee Pollen

So, There I was, trying to catch up on my fading health, thanks to the YK Bee Pollen things went much easier than I expected.
I started with 20 capsules daily, 10 in the morning and 10 before going to bed (150 capsules/bottle). Too much? No worries, there's no limit to the dosage and even eating it over the recommended dose will bring about no side effects.
And so days went by, after a week I noticed much improvement that took me to leaps of joy. I felt much robust and energized. Then as I looked up the mirror, I noticed the dying pimples(oh yeah!) and a lovely glow from my skin, never did I realized that the skin can look so beautiful, so glowing with health, dewy and moisturized. That was the point my confident in YK Bee Pollen rooted.
After several more weeks, instead of 20/day, I reduced my consumption to 10/day. As my health was regained, I took a lower dosage to maintain my well-being. A lot of other physical deficiencies were repaired and I learned my lesson; To never neglect my health, and let it go wasted before realizing it's value, aren't we often told; "You don't know what you got till it's gone?" Well, don't let this happen to you. Preserve your health early, and remember, prevention is better than cure, as you'll never know if you could find a cure at the right time.
When I got pregnant, I increased the dosage back up to 20/day, sometimes even more to provide myself and my baby with sufficient nourishment, Alhamdulillah everything went on well and I gave birth to a healthy little girl. I even took it during confinement to accelerate healing processes, and proven effective. I have totally fallen in love with this product and believe me, I always will be.

Common Q & A regarding YK Bee Pollen

[1]Q: What is the recommended consumption of YK Pollen? 
A: As the YK Pollen is formulated through an upgraded technological process to make it's grains finer than ordinary pollen grains, they are more efficiently absorbed and easily utilized by our body. It's rich contents of vitamins and minerals fulfills the requirements to maintain normal physiological functions. Recommendations of consumptions ranges between 6-10 capsules daily, but for healing purposes please do increase the dosage.

[2]Q: How to enhance it's efficacy? 
A: For tremendous health-giving benefits and detoxification processes, the YK Bee Pollen is best taken with the YK ganoderma which significantly revitalize body functions and cleanses out accumulated toxins.

[3]Q: It contains carbohydrate.Is is suitable for diabetic patients?
A: YK Bee Pollen contains natural fructose which isn't being absorbed directly by the body to alter blood sugar level and it will not elevate blood sugar in diabetic patients.

[4]Q: Can it cause allergic reactions,as many are allergic to pollen?
A: Pollenesis(allergic to pollen) is aroused by wind-pollinated pollen, which are finer and lighter as well as accompanied by air borne allergens, when inhaled they get stuck on the mucous membranes of our respiratory tract and trigger allergic reactions. YK Bee Pollen is not wind-pollinated, it's insect-pollinated, explanation: collected by bees and does not cause an allergic reaction, what's better it could assist in elimination of an allergic condition. As I said before, it's suitable for all ages and all conditions. No disputes here.

    Here's a full stop to this entry. I'm off to bed now, hope you render this post useful...goodnight, thanks for reading and salam. Gracias! (^_^)


    Mary Bergfeld said...

    Sounds good. You are a great sales person. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

    Mak anak tiga said...

    @Mary: Thanks dear, have a good day yourself, thanks for the drop by~~

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    Mak anak tiga said...

    @anon: tq.. =)

    @cosumer review: yup true, but in today's way of living with all the wrong kinds of food and pollution, our body no longer has the capability it once had, therefore supplements like this may enhance our well-being and helps improve body functions.

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