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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tib An Nabawi (part 3.1) Foods that heals (continued)

For those who are here at a first visit, do take notice that this entry is continued from the previous entry, Tib An Nabawi(part 3) Foods that here to read it..>
Okay let's move on with the food list shall we..

  • Opens orifices of hemorrhoids.
  • Helps against internal pollution, gets rid of wind and cleanses the stomach.
  • Excites sexual drive
  • Strengthens stomach muscles.
  • Dissolves phlegm.
  • When cooked; helps against icterus(jaundice), coughing and ease roughness in the chest.
In my post, meet these superfoods I did mentioned about figs. Here I shall talk about it as it is one of the great blessing on the earth. Can't get the fresh ones? No worries dried version is always available. So, what are the values of dear figs:-
  • Cleanses the liver and prostate.
  • Neutralize poison.
  • Relieves toughness of the chest, throat and trachea.
  • Cleanses the liver and the spleen.
  • Purifies phlegm accumulated in the stomach and nourishes the body.
Meat & Bread dish(tharid)
I have no idea what kind of dish this is, but it sure sounds good.
Why was it suggested that bread to be taken with meat?
Bread(khubz)-one of the best food(I'm not talking about the refined, processed white loaves, take yourself back to when bread was made without technology). It contains substantial bran that digest easily yet very nourishing .
Avoid stale bread as they are hard on digestion. The best type of bread would be yeasty and kneaded, oven-baked using fresh flour.
The most nutritious bread is made from semolina, it digests slowly and doesn't contain excessive bran. Softer breads are easier to digest.
Wheat breads causes body weight to increase, and qatayif(similar to pancakes) causes thickness in the body.
Breads made with milk are hard to digest and causes clogs, however are very nutritious.

And meat(lahm)-best flavoring, provides strength and makes the skin lighter. Don't totally refrain yourself from meat5 as the deprivation eventually leads to a negative outcome. However it is advised to be eaten in moderation, a lot of things that is done in moderate is usually better than extremity or minimally.
Meat categories;-
  • Sheep(mutton)- the best choice(preferably a year old), generates good blood and properly digested. Beneficial for those suffering from black bile. Strengthens mind and memory. The best part of the sheep would be the part which covers the bone, on the right side and located at the front.
  • Goat-Is heavy on the stomach and not easy to digest. Too much of it causes depression, black bile, forgetfulness and spoils blood.
  • Chicken-One of the growing favorites. But please opt for a free-range chicken as we all are aware of the outcome of commercialized farm chickens. As having the good types for food, it will strengthen the mind and produces healthy blood.
  • Cow(beef)- Heavy on the stomach, not to be taken in large amounts as it may produce black bilious blood, vitiligo, herpes, leprosy, cancer, obsession, various tumors and elephantiasis. The best kind to eat would be from a calf, it;s much lighter fr digestion and provides nutrition to the body.
Unsalted cheese(Jubn)
Good for the stomach, easy on the organs, relaxes the stomach.
When it is heated, it improves stomach ulcers and diarrhea.

The Black Seed(Habbatus Sawda)
If you have read my article, Meet these superfoods, you will be able to read a bit on the habbatus sawda. Here are more of it's qualities;-
  • Is said to contain the cure for every ailment6 (except death).
  • Eliminates flatulence and acts as a diuretic.
  • Increase menstruation flow and milk production for lactating mothers.
  • Relieves leprosy and phlegm.
  • Eliminates worm in the stomach.
  • Opens clogs, decompose accumulating gas and excessive moisture in the stomach.
  • When blended with honey and drunk with warm water, it dissolves stones in the kidney and prostate.
  • Its oil; helps against snake bites, spots and hemmorhoids.
  • Strengthens the heart of a sad person and relieves the heart of an ill person.
  • It's water; detoxifies the body, helps against coughing, extinguish heat, cleanses stomach, ease chest roughness, relieves irritant excrement and acts as a diuretic.
Okay then, here's another break, I need some ZZzzz. There is still more from where all of this came from.I'll be updating on it hopefully soon, till we meet again. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

5.1 The Prophet SAW said, as reported by Ali (ra); "Whoever refrains from
eating meat for 40 days will acquire  bad behaviour"
5.2 The Prophet SAW said: "One who does not eat meat for forty consecutive days will waste away, 
whereas to eat meat for forty consecutive days will harden the heart"
6.HS Muslim and Bukhari,  Aishah (ra) reported that The Prophet SAW said: "There is a healing
in the black seed for every ailment, except death"


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