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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Healthy Snacks for healthier Kids

I bet parents out there are worried when handing over snacks for their little ones. Too much salt, too much sugar and to much of all the bad stuff. As a parent myself, I am uncomfortable giving my child what comes from the store, many of the food items are not healthy, contains too much of weird ingredients that may be indigestible and sprouts obesity.
So, I made a research (self-reading only) for healthy snacks that could be substitutes for the over-junk contained foods, that claims to contain vitamins, minerals and whatever they claim to have. No offense, but my curiosity tells me to make my own kid-friendly snacks for my kid.Try your best to start your kids early on healthy snacks and avoid junk foods, once in a while treat is okay. Go for chocolates, the dark ones the better.
Take a look at what I found.

1.Cheese, milk and yogurt.
These three are great snacking products, as they contain protein and calcium that is essential for children's growth and stronger bones.
Cut cheese in long straws for easier consumption.
While yogurt contains colon-friendly bacteria for a healthy bowel movement and wards off bad bacteria.
If your kid dislike yogurt, try giving them the frozen version as this is more easier for them to indulge, I know this because my niece has problems with the liquid form of yogurt - "soup, not yogurt" she says.To her only frozen yogurt is yogurt. Talk about kids and their own little perspective..

2.Peanut butter.
Think peanut butter is bad for kids? Think again, peanut butter contains fiber and protein.
Make celery-peanut butter sticks or a peanut butter & jelly with waffles or rice cake. Please avoid white bread for your kids, they contain sugar and no nutrient is available.

3.Kale chips
Just like potato chips, but it's kale! Kale is packed with vitamins,minerals, fiber and calcium. Once made into chips, they can be just as addictive as potato chips.
How to make it? Just make a batter of flour for frying just as you would do for frying banana or shrimp tempura, dip the kale/spinach leaves and toss them into the frying pan. They may look green, but they are treats to the taste buds.

4.Wholewheat cereal
Every kid I know loves cereal, so this is one of the best choices to make a snack, go for the whole wheat products instead of the ordinary sweet stuff. Wholewheat options comes with essential vitamin, minerals and fiber. If they are old enough to chew, add ample amounts of dried fruits, cut them up in small sizes or simply use raisin, rich in nourishment and fiber.

**Raisins are great for snacking as well, simply by themselves**

Not too much, but a serving per day provides protein to the child. Give them hard-boiled or scrambled eggs. Eat it solo or with pita bread, always better than white bread.

Smoothies for kiddos? Yup, they love it, trust me and so will you. Simply blend up some yogurt and for natural sweetness use fruits, you can add some brown sugar as well but not too much.
I suggest you use, orange juice, bananas, frozen fruits, peaches, dragon fruits, avocado, mangoes, guava,kiwi, apples and berries.

Click here for a smoothie recipe..>

7.Oatmeal cookies
Kids love cookies, and just as you would whip up on a chocolate chip cookie recipe, add oatmeal and raisins to it, bake and serve. The kids will wipe the cookies out in no time.

Click here for chocolate chip cookie recipe..>

8.Granola bars
These healthy bars are great snacks for both adult and children. For kids choose chewy ones as these will be easier to eat and digest.
Granola bars are packed with fiber, essential fatty acids, protein and lots of nutrients.
I usually just buy ready-made from the stores,with lots of varieties and tastes good.
If you don't fancy buying these for your kid, try to make them.
I found a recipe on making granola bars for kids at this website : dietriffic, click to view..>

That's all for tonight from me, *yawn* goodnight all, Let your child snack yummy, let your child snack healthy! Thanks for reading!


Tiffanee said...

Thanks for some great snack ideas. I am loving your blog. Now your newest follower.

aeshcame said...

@Tiffanee : welcome! hope you find this blog useful. welcome to the club dear..~

Gianinc said...

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Thanks for sharing the information with us and keep up the great work on your site!

Anonymous said...

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