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Sunday, May 15, 2011

An injured nervous system : Understanding Paraplegia

Firstly, credits to Muslim Zulkepli for the suggestion on today's topic.

What is paraplegia?

Paraplegia is a type of paralysis, and as we all know, paralysis is the result of an injured nervous system. What differs these many-types of paralysis is the injured  spot in the spinal cord, it's severity and which mobilization in an individual is limited.
In the case of paraplegia, it impairs mobility in lower extremities including organs located below the waistline, hands are not affected, when they are it's quadriplegia. Sometimes only leg movements are impaired but in some cases the legs lost total control and the paralysis degree may rise up till the chest area, depending on the severity of the injury.

Spinal cord

Looking at this diagram above, we can clearly see that paraplegia is the result of an injury to the thoracic nerves and below.
Paraplegia may be the result of a physical injury, scoliosis, spinal tumors or a congenital disorder to the spine(spina bifida) or poliomyelitis.

Possible complications

Some of the possible complications of paraplegia are:-
  • Skin problems
  • Loss of sensory functions
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Loss of motor function
  • Infertility and sterilization(sexual dysfunction)
  • Interruptions between nerve cells that may be detrimental to the health
Treating paraplegia

How and can it be treated?
Miracles do happen, insyaAllah, even in the case of nerve damage which according to statistics have the least chances to recuperate. But it's really not in our hands and it's beyond our power. What the affected individuals can do is try, pray and leave it all to God.
  • In western medication, surgeries and steroid are used to stabilize the spine and minimize any inflammation and swelling. If a tumor is the cause, it'll be removed and sometimes radiation therapy will be done.
  • There is also the choice for rehabilitation and physical therapy and physiotherapy that may help in restoring muscle function,improve strength, flexibility, coordination and maintain body functions.
  • Massages and hydrotherapy may help to ease pain and there is also occupational therapy which teaches how to cope with daily tasks and being independent.
  • B group vitamins, especially B1 and B12 may help to regenerate damaged myelin sheaths that surrounds the nerve tissues. Fat-soluble vitamins may also be beneficial. But pure, good quality are harder to find these days, I'd suggest this, bee pollen, 100% all natural, free of chemicals and packed with all essential nutrients including the necessary vitamins.
  • Load up on your protein intake, as protein is the base on all of our cells, it makes sense that having more protein will increase the chances of new cells regeneration, but make sure the source is pure and free of additives, chemicals, flavors and coloring.
  • Alfalfa. The chlorophyll contained inside it is said to assist nerve recovery process.
  • Some also suggests acupuncture, but I have no knowledge what-so-ever on this, so I might as well keep my mouth shut, keep my philosophies to myself and let the experts do their job.
Okay, that's it. Hope it gives you an idea what paraplegia is all about. Thanks for the read, have a good night's sleep! See you next time.


Aku Islam said...

new information for me,Paraplegia.. thank you for this informative blog.. i will comeback here for sure

Mak anak tiga said...

@aku islam: Thank you. Your presence is always welcomed.

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