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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Types of water(part 2); The water that heals, InsyaAllah...

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Okay, moving on with water. As I mentioned living water- that is capable of changing it's water structure by reacting to its surrounding, and this is an upper hand for us. We can influence the water,InsyaAllah, so that it becomes a healthy and curative drink instead of just a thirst quencher.

ZamZam Water

The zamzam well which is located in the land of Arabia, Makah is a blessing[1]. Not only it flows endlessly to supply the residents with fresh water but it contains magnificent minerals to improve our health, if we desire so[2].
It is said that when a person drinks zamzam water, hunger is not felt.As proven  by Abu Dharr(ra) who had survived only on zamzam water while he stayed in Makkah for a month.
Zamzam water improves mental health and memorization, cures physical illnesses and heart-related disturbances, insyaAllah when we pray for it's outcome onto our body.
It is also associated with:-
  • hastening labour 
  • eliminates weariness
  • enhance wellness
  • antibacterial
  • cures the sick
  • strengthens the heart
  • treats migraines and headache
  • contains high level of calcium and magnesium
Here are some excerpts from the writing of Masaru Emoto on zamzam water

  1. The quality of Zamzam water has and will not be found any where else on this earth.
  2. Using the nano technology for researchs, it was found that a drop of zamzam into a regular water will make the water as powerful as zamzam(insyaAllah).
  3. For unknown reasons the quality and ingredients of zamzam water cannot be altered, even when recycled.
  4. It is found that when Muslims say bismillah before eating and drinking, brings about changes in its structure that makes the water the best for consumption.
  5. It is also found that by reciting different verses of the Quran on water(regular) it produce different abilities to treat different types of diseases. 
A product for Malaysians

Recently I was introduced to a product that had captured my interest. It's the RX-water filter. I heard of it before, however I never learned about it's specific components and it's specialties. Now I know, and I think it's something worth sharing. This filter was patented by Dr. Noordin Darus, the founder of worldwellness sdn. bhd. I know the name as I've read one of his books a few years back, titled the Art of total wellness, which helped me a lot in comprehending ways of adapting towards a healthier lifestyle.
What's interesting is that the prototype filter made by Dr Noordin was no more than for his own use, as at the time he was diagnosed with cancer(He is now totally cured of it). His creation was inspired by native folk fore remedial therapy which used clay as an ingredient for subsiding illnesses (yes, in the RX water filter, there is clay).
Studies have shown that clay and dirt(sand, etc..) possess high antibacterial and anti parasite activities. Also their cleansing capacity when compared to soap. Imagine that. It was said washing laundry using dirt is far better that soap and does not causes allergies. It does make sense, as in Islam clay/dirt is necessary in samak, the act of purifying heavy filth (mughalazzah). In the case of this rx water filter, the concluded soil is for the purpose of cleansing, samak(if there is any presence of filth brought in the water) and diminishing microorganisms without eliminating the goodness of water.
Other types of water filters including R.O. and distillation purifies the water, yes it's clean but it has no medicinal values as not only pathogens are wiped out, so are the minerals. So, it's considered dead water.
The rx water filter is no match for the zamzam water, but it is far better than other types of drinking water as It possess healing properties when we are not in consistent supply of zamzam, this could be a great substitute.
It replenish lost minerals, improves skin's condition, rejuvenates the body, cleans thoroughly, provides calcium, diminish free radicals, prevents cancer, treats stress, alleviates gastric, joint pain, migraine, period pain, eczema, gout,hair problems, diabetes, fatigue,contains vitamins B2, B3, C, D & K, improves memory, sight and an overall well-being.

More of the uniqueness of rx water filter
  • P1: Most water filters uses ceramic filters, however some of them are mixed with bone particles which causes disputes regarding to religion, as where are the bones from and what bones are they using. In the rx-water filter only 100% ceramic is used, made by a company which produce these ceramic filters for strict vegans who does not want any animal sources what-so-ever in their lives. 
  • P2:I'd like to emphasize on the bamboo qun, it detoxifies, kills off bacteria, flavors the water,  and contains 10x more minerals than usual water.
  • P3:With a crystal ball for providing energy and healing purposes.
  • P4: Calcium ionized clay, for cleansing and fortifying calcium level in the body.
Another additional feature on this particular water filter is you could spray out ozone water for long lasting freshness, cleaning veggies, fruits, bottles and cookware as well as sterilizing them, eliminating additives and unwanted smell.

So, isn't it great, you could drink from it and you could clean up the bad from your food. At the moment this filter is only available throughout Malaysia.

I'm no dealer, but I have contacts, interested? Send me an email (

Thank you for reading!
    [1] HS Muslim: Narrated by Abu Dharr, Rasulullah SAW said:  (regarding the zamzam water) "It is a blessing and it is food that satisfies".
    [2]Reported by ibn majah, Rasulullah SAW said: "The water of zamzam is whatever it is drunk for"
    [2]Reported by Ibn Abbas (ra), Rasulullah SAW said: " zamzam water is what one intends to drink for. When one drinks it to be healed, Allah heals him; when one drinks to be full, Allah makes him full and when one drinks to quench his thirst, Allah   quenches it" (ahmad & ibn Majah)                                                                                         



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