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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diabetes : Healing an unruly wound, testified.

Diabetes is well-known by many of us, I'm sure. It's gaining popularity like an epidemic virus attack, maybe it is. Who knows? Well, it's all over the place, consuming who ever it wants to. Diabetes exists in two forms, the adolescent diabetes(type 1) which is an autoimmune disorder & Diabetes mellitus(type 2), the age-related disorder.
Both types are due to a lack of insulin production by the pancreas, an endocrine gland, however the reasons for a deteriorating pancreas differs.The type 1 is congenital and requires a lifetime supply of insulin, treatable? Doubtful, but if God willing(insyaAllah), nothing is impossible. Type 2 is due to old age or other factors that gradually exhaust the pancreas until it no longer has the capability to fully perform its duty,left untreated it may eventually shut down.
Please take note that diabetes takes years to build up in our bodies, take care of your body before the illness can invade our body, once it is in, to take it out will not be an easy task.Here's cliche we all are used to, prevention is better than cure.
Today I'm going to discuss about the type 2 diabetes, a common occurrence with old age, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

When the pancreas wears out.
The pancreas is a gland, lies somewhere beneath the stomach, one of its loyal duties is to release insulin, a hormone that is responsible in balancing the blood sugar level. It converts sugar-based products into glucose and assist absorption into cells for energy.
When insulin is on the low, sugar in the blood builds up, unable to be converted for absorption, it floods up the bloodstream and some is eliminated with urination,but most of it still flows freely within your capillaries. This is no good news.

Complications of diabetes.
The load up of sugar in the blood stream for a prolonged duration brings about a number of complications. One of the complications is an impaired process of wound healing. This is why most of diabetic patients nightmare is to get themselves even a small,tiny cut. It's almost incurable, and worst, it could grow bigger and bigger and who knows if it'll stop growing.
Here are some other problems that sprouts out from diabetes;-
  • Eye problems. Diabetes damages blood vessels, and when it attacks the blood vessel of the eyes, problem comes. It could lead to blindness, cataracts formation, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular edema.
  • Skin problems. Sores and ulcer easily forms on skin surface and takes forever to heal. Sometimes the sores gets deeper and later may require amputation if it doesn't stop spreading.
  • Heart problems.Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of heart attack, hypertension and high blood cholesterol levels. Blood vessels at the feet and legs are also at risk of damages.
  • Nerve problems & dysfunctional organs. Diabetes may cause nerve damage,thus decreasing your sense of pain and even numbness. It could also retard the functions of the kidney(diabetes neuropathy) and may cause impotence.
Possible symptoms
  • Thirsty(very).
  • Blurred vision.
  • Dry skin.
  • Trembling.
  • Irritability.
  • Fatigue, tired.
  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Skin sores that takes too long to recover.
  • *family history-for those who have relatives diagnosed with this illness, take precaution,*
Testimony: A massive wound, healed.
Here is a story of a 60-year old diabetic patient. Suffering from diabetes for years,the diabetes condition on this old lady isn't going to get any better.Unfortunately she caught a lesion on her back(complete story unknown) , and now the cut is unable to dry up and heal itself. The wound gets bigger, as if the flesh of the skin is being eaten by a flesh eating bacteria. Days after days, the wound is now as is as big as two palms spreading across her back.
In pain and in desperate needs to cease the spreading wound, she was then introduced to a miraculous product. The lingzhi. Read more about this product in my previous entries:-immune system booster, the great mushroom discovery and in health products.
She then of course immediately started to consume lingzhi as it she was told it could cure her condition. To catalyze her healing process, the lingzhi capsule was opened to retrieve its encapsulated powder and applied on the huge wound behind her back.
With a strict and consistent regime of eating and applying lingzhi on her wound, she could at last cherish her efforts. Her blood sugar level dropped and her wound dried up and sealed. A scar is visible still,but its pain-free and she could lie on her back with ease.This means more than anything else.Thanks for the read, I've attached some photos from day 1 this lady started on lingzhi until a week later. Scroll down to view.

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