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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pregnancy Dietary Guide, eat this...not that!

Are you joining the mummies club? Or do you intend to? Then come and scroll down for a read. As a mummy myself I did some reading on pregnancy diets prior to my pregnancy, a year or so ago. I was flipping through my notes and found this dietary guideline that I had long forgotten, and upon discovering it's existence I though maybe I should share it here, just to give some ideas of a healthier consumption and what should be avoided to expecting mothers.

We should all be aware that when we conceive, we need to prepare(even before you're pregnant), more than just the preparation for giving birth. There's a whole 9 months(more or less) you ought to be going through, and for that whole time being, please do try and keep yourself as well as your little fetus in the pinkest of health. It worth it.

The Preggy Diet

When we're carrying another(or two) living being inside of us, it's just like us. It's alive, eats and goes through metabolism and such like any normal human being would. It makes sense to add up on our nourishment as we are now feeding ourselves plus another one. More nutrient are used up, thus the need for replacement.

Here are a list of groups of women that may face a nutritional problem during pregnancy, please seek professional advice:-
  • Overweight or underweight.
  • Anaemic.
  • Anorexic or bulimic.
  • Strict vegans.
  • Those with multiple pregnancies(twins or more)
  • Drug or alcohol abusers.
  • Heavy smokers and often a second hand smoker.
  • Those who maintains a high level of physical activity.
 Eat more of these...

  1. Protein-Since protein is the building base of our body, just as bricks are for houses. So, it's vital in producing new healthy cells for both mum and child. Protein also supplies us with iron and B vitamins, beneficial in maintaining healthy cells, bones, muscle, blood, skin and nerves. B group vitamins provides us with energy, builds white blood cells, tissues and assist proper function of nervous system. You can get healthy sources of protein from free-range chickens or red meat sources:-> fishes(oily fishes are a better option), eggs, lentils, beans, nuts, peas and seeds. When natural sources of good protein are hard to find, I go for powdered form of protein, please click here for a recommended protein powder...>
  2. Calcium-Essential for bones and skeleton's formation, normal blood clotting function, a normal heart beat, and the proper functions of muscles and nerves. When calcium is insufficient, calcium is absorbed from your bones to fulfill the baby's requirement for calcium, eventually leads to osteoporosis. The daily recommended  amount of calcium is between 1200mg-1500mg. Sources for calcium includes:->Milk, cheese, yogurt, sardines, salmon, tofu, seafood, collard, broccoli, kale, turnip greens, peas and beans. Make sure you're getting enough Vitamin D as well as they enhance the absorption of calcium by the body.
  3. Fruits and Veggies-These two are essential in any conditions, pregnant or not. They are high in fiber(relieves constipation that seldom occurs during pregnancy), vitamins and mineral-laden to keep organs healthy, maintain healthy gum and teeth,free of additives and fats, prevents unnecessary infections, maintains a good blood cholesterol and sugar level count, prevents bone mass losses and possibly more from where all this came from. So, eat them please. Eat them fresh, frozen or dried.
  4. Grains-The best choice would be whole grains, these includes brown rice, whole wheat products, pop corn, barley, bran, cornmeal, oats, whole rye, wild rice, graham flour and bulgur. Please avoid refined white flour as they contain no benefits.
  5. Essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids-These three are vital in brain development, brain health, heart function, blood making processes and production, proper fetus development, prevents abnormalities, prevents preterm labor(InsyaAllah), healthy growth and a good nourishment at the start benefits in a strong immune system and body functions that may prevents the onset of allergies and illnesses in the future. Supplements may or may not be beneficial, it depends, if you take them go for natural, additive free ones. My suggestion is the Yung Kien Bee Pollen.
Why I suggest Yung Kien Bee Pollen? Because I took it before, during and after my pregnancy.  And the results were superb, I didn't took any doctor's supplement, not that I refused to, but the YK Bee Pollen is complete of all essential nourishment that I didn't have to took any other extras. Available in encapsulated, granulated and mixed with ganoderma extract, this is one of a kind supplements that does wonders.
This YK Pollen consists of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids to assist normal bodily functions, enhance mental alertness, nourishes cell, assist digestion, catalyze healing wounds, regulate metabolic processes, promotes new blood cells production and new cell growth, relieves constipation, eliminates fatigue, gives you healthy smooth skin, improves allergic conditions and much, much more.
Best of all it's all natural, free of chemicals and preservative, safe for pregnant mothers, safe for little kids, suitable for all ages and does not bring about any side effects.

Click here for more info...>

Okay, now let's move onto what's not to eaten...

Not that!
  1. Liver-Contains excessive amounts of vitamin A, not in beta  carotene form that may cause birth defects.
  2. Raw meat and deli meat-Contains salmonella bacteria and listeria(deli meats) that may do harm to your pregnancy or even cause a miscarriage, this includes sushi and raw eggs.
  3. Aspirin-Not adviceable to take during pregnancy(same goes to NSAIDs- non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). May increase the chances for miscarriage, placenta abruptio and internal hemorrhage(bleeding) that may harm the fetus. If taken in later stages of pregnancy, the risk for delayed labor may arise, so lay off the drugs, we can live without them for a while.
  4. Gassy beverages-Contains too much sugar and caffeine that acts as a diuretic, leading to frequent urination that leads to loss of hydration, along with vitamins and nutrients in your blood and hinder good quality sleep. Avoid them as they also contains preservatives and additives that are highly not recommended for preggy ladies.
  5. Alcohol-An obvious thing to be avoided, causes birth defects and associated to low mental development.
  6. Canned foods-Contains way too much preservatives, sugar, salt and who-knows what more, just avoid it, food that doesn't rot is doubtless unhealthy.
  7. Big fishes-Contains much mercury that is absorbed from a polluted ocean that may cause nerve damage. This includes shark, swordfish and king mackerel.
  8. Unpasteurized dairy products-Soft cheeses(brie, feta,Camembert,chevre, mould-ripen, blue cheese) and milks. Pasteurized is okay, the safe cheeses would be mozzarella, smoked cheese,Parmesan,pecorino, and cheddar.
The end. Hope you had a good read, and thank you very much for reading, have a lovely night~~Chiao (^_^)


      HealthChecker said...

      yes! YK Pollen helped me went through my 1st trimester pregnancy (now entering my 3rd) without any so-called 'morning sickness', Alhamdulillah!

      Mak anak tiga said...

      @HealthChecker: Alhamdulillah.. Yup I forgot about morning sickness, hehe thanks for the testimony..yup YK Pollen is effective in curbing morning sickness..

      Mile said...

      woooow...good article.. i like that.

      Mile said...

      woooow...good article.. i like that.

      Mak anak tiga said...

      @Mile: thanks for the comment (^^)

      ... said...


      your posts are getting better and better and I love the fact that you have vibrant pictures for every post.

      keep up the writings, this site is sure to be my all time top health site reference!



      Mak anak tiga said...

      @Liana: Thank you so much dear, InsyaAllah hope to write better in the future, you are one of my dearest readers..
      thanks for always dropping by.. (^^)

      Faz Yaakub said...

      Tq...good article..keep it up! ^^

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